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He doesn't have to get a divorce unless they are married, he doesn't know what he is talking about or he is trying to make excuses for something.

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Q: If your boyfriend has a child with a woman who lives in Mexico would they have to get a divorce even if they are not married?
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What happens if you get divorce while waiting for your immagration papers?

my son is married to an illegal imigrant they been married for 2 yrs and are getting a divorce they have one child what happens to the child

What should you do you are married and have a child he is married and has 2 kids And you are madly in love and he is your ex-boyfriend?

walk away......

What is child custody laws in Georgia before divorce?

Prior to a divorce married parents have equal parental rights.Prior to a divorce married parents have equal parental rights.Prior to a divorce married parents have equal parental rights.Prior to a divorce married parents have equal parental rights.

Can a parent divorce an adult child?

No. A divorce is a legal action that ends a legal marriage. Parents are not married to their children.

Can my ex husband keep my child away from my boyfriend if my boyfriend has a criminal history?

It also depends on the nature of your boyfriends crimes. So, what did boyfriend do? And when? But seriously, think twice about even HAVING a boyfriend around your child until the divorce is finalized.

Is Camilla Lackberg married?

Currently, she is not married but is expecting her third child. She has had two before, but she is expecting a child with her boyfriend Martin Melin.

Do you have to wait for child to be born to have divorce?

absolutely not. If you dont have to wait to get married to have a child then you do not have to wait until the child is born to get a divorce. If your question is more concerning child support or monetary issues related to the divorce, a simple answer would be that the amount of child support you may be owed will also not depend on whether you get divorced before or after the child is born.

Can child support affect your husband if you get married and have a baby?

Yes it will affect my husband if we divorce

What state can you get married to the father of your child with out parental consent?

Mexico, I think

Divorced then spouse remarries then spouse take your child to hospital and signs forms as before divorce and as married now is this stating she is married to you and does it null and void your divorce?

No, but there might be a problem with the insurance provider.

Is Clinton from TLC what not to wear married?

There have been rumors that he was married and had a child and there have been rumors that he has a boyfriend so its unknown

Is Amy Bruni married?

Amy Bruni is not married but is expecting her first child in September 2012 with her longterm boyfriend.

Is a child that lived with mother and mothers boyfriend considered his step child?

Not unless his mother is married to the man they are living with

When can you put the father of your child on child support?

If married, when you divorce him and if single when the child is born. He will then have to prove paternity in court and can then petition for visitation, custody and also pay child support.

Can you list your boyfriend as father of your child born in Arkansas if you are married to someone else?


Can living with your boyfriend when your are still married with a child effect the final custody outcome?


Your married but separated and you've had a baby with your new boyfriend Is that child legally your husbands son?

It isn't the birth father, no one will ever change the childs birth father, but he will legally be the step father,until the divorce comes through.

Can mother move out of state with her child if husband kicks her out but they are still married - in Texas?

Yes. As married they both have equal right to the child. If this will lead to divorce though you should consult your lawyer.

What is the duration of Child of Divorce?

The duration of Child of Divorce is 1.03 hours.

If your boyfriend is paying child support and you get married to him will the child support stop?

Of course not. He is still the father of his children and still responsible for supporting them.

Can my married mother adopt a child under her last name instead of my father's last name?

he would carry no responsibility for the child, even after a divorce.

Is Lee Williams divorced?

Unsure as to divorce status all I can tell you is he married his highschool girlfriend in 2002 but then filed for divorce in 2006. His first child was born in 2009

If you are getting divorced and you have a child with your boyfriend do you need a paternity test done?

Whose name is listed on the birth certificate? If it is your boyfriend, when you file for divorce, notify your attorney that the child is not your husband's and that your ex will have no legal obligation towards your child. If your boyfriend is not listed as the father, you need, for legal reasons, to have a paternity test done and have your boyfriend legally recognized as the father of your child. Depending on your state laws, if the divorce is not final the husband is automatically put on the birth certificate. So, then yes, a paternity test has to be done to prove to the court it is not the husbands and the boyfriends which will be proven by the test. Also, depending on your state laws then the state will make the boyfriend pay child support regardless if you are living together or not.

Your daughter is married to a Mexican and living in Mexico Should her child be born there?

Yes, they should.

What are the causes of single parenthood?

There are several causes for single parenthood. Women especially can become pregnant by their boyfriend and he will desert her; divorce where the one parent may not want responsibility of the children; some women want to have a child without getting married.