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if you have been separated from someone for at least five years then you can apply for a divorce at court without your partners concent.

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Q: If your boyfriend has been separated for 5 years how long until he is divorced?
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How long do you have to be separated to get divorced in the UK?

2 years

After seven years are you legally separated and or divorced in ny?

spearated you are not divorced unless you file for it with your eterny

If you been separated 8 years are you still legally married?

Even if you have been living separate lives for eight years, you are not legally divorced. You are still legally married until you get a divorce and can not remarry until so.

You have been separated for two years and your husband died are you divorced?

Not legally since you never actually divorced him

You have been separated for 5 years are you legally divorced in pa?

Yes the law allows you to divorce your spouse legally if you are separated from your spouse for a period of five years.

What should I do if my boyfriend proposed to me when he was still married to someone else even though they have been separated for 13 years?

Answer If your bf has been separated for 13 years, what are you worrying about? I'd say that before you say yes, tell him to get a divorce and then you will be ok with marrying him or accepting his proposal, but only when he is divorced.

If you have been separated for 6 years is this legally divorced in KY?

No. Only a divorce is a divorce.

Are Michael Jackson's mum and dad divorced?

They are still married, but have been separated for years.

What do you do when your boyfriend goes back to his wife and child after they have been separated for 2 years?

You find a single man to be your new boyfriend.

Is dmx divorced?

He was married 11 years to Tashera Simmons. On July 22, 2010 they separated

Am i divorced after my husband dies if we've been separated for two years and he dies am i divorced.?

You are not divorced, but you are a widow. Because you are still married, you would inherit your share of his goods. But you can remarry after his death.

In missouir -If a couple are separated for over ten years not living under the same roof - are they ever considered legally divorced?

In the state of Missouri, a couple is not considered divorced until they go to court. Legal paperwork must be filed with the state for the divorce to be final.

Do you have to get divorced if separated for more than 7 years?

You never have to get divorced. But if you have been separated for that long, and don't intend to ever resume the marriage, it's a smart idea.

You separated from your husband six years ago can you marry someone-else?

AnswerUntil you are legally divorced you cannot legally marry someone else.

Is dino ciccarelli married or divorced?

He is divorced and has been divorced for 3 years and separated from his wife for about 4 1/2 years and has been dating a girl seriously for quite some time now. Rumor has it, he has bought a nice engagement ring for her!

If a woman leaves her boyfriend after getting pregnant by him and gets married to another man before the child is born can she come back three years later and get child support if she divorced?

Possibly. Unless they were legally separated or the boyfriend's paternity has been established, the husband is presumed to be the father of the child in question.

Could you be separated for five years and remarried without a divorce?

You don't say where you live. But unless you live somewhere with very unusual laws, no. In most countries, you remain married until you get legally divorced.

Are you considered divorced if you are separated for over 6 years?

No, You Must File in Your State or County You Reside or You are Still Married

If you are separated from your wife for more then 6 years are we already divorced?

no, you must obtain a legal divorce through the courts.

Your boy friend is married amd been separated from his wife for 7 years does that make him still married?

Unless he and his wife were legally divorced in the court of law, then he is still married to her until said event occurs.

Your boyfriend is still legally married but he and his wife have been separated for three years can he give you power of attorney?


Who was Princess Diana married married to?

She was married to the Prince of Wales. Separated after just a few years, then divorced.

Is there any hope of saving your marriage if you have been separated for three years?

I know of couples that were divorced 3-12 years and still reconciled. Of course it is possible.

Been separated for ten years do you still have to get divorced in Colorado?

I you don't want to still be married - which you HAVE been for the last ten years - then YES you need to get a divorce.

How do you get a boyfriend when your seven years old?

You are too young to have a boyfriend! It is better just to wait until you're a teenager.

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