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okay, first of all, you are not cheating...he is the one who is cheating. However, it would be great if u left him because he might be cheating on you too...

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โˆ™ 2005-10-21 02:18:44
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Q: If your boyfriend has cheated on his ex-girlfriends in the past and constantly talks about another girl while going out with you is that a sign of cheating?
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If my boyfriend is in another state and is cheating is it considered cheating?


If your boyfriend talks to another girl is he cheating on you?

No. He is talking to another person.

How can you tell when your boyfriend is cheating?

You can tell when you r boyfriend is cheating when he starts talking about another girl a lot, when he is hanging out with another girl more than you, when he talks to another girl more, and when you catch him cheating. But don't accuse him of cheating right when he is talking about another girl because cheating isn't always the case. He might only just have feelings for another girl or has a very good friendship with her; but don't be afraid to ask your boyfriend if anything is going on between them.

Is kissing another person called cheating if your in a relationship?

it depends are you going out with the person you kissed.if you are then you are cheating on your boyfriend/girlfriend.

What is it called when you have a boyfriend but your another mans mistress?

One word: Cheating.

How can I make my boyfriend confess to cheating on me?

Be sure your boyfriend is cheating on you first. You and a girlfriend could follow him on the evenings he should be with you to see if you could catch him cheating. You may be able to get one of his friends to assure you that your boyfriend is or isn't cheating on you or, you could face your boyfriend and ask him if he is cheating on you. If he goes red in the face; lowers his eyes; yells and protests too much; goes into another room; accuses you of cheating or slams out the door there is a high possibility he is cheating on you. Since humans do not know their own limits 100% they can not be expected to know what another person is up to 100%.

How can you tell your boyfriend you are cheating on him?

The best way to break it to your boy friend you are cheating on him is to not tell him. Break up with him then wait a week until you tell any one you have another boyfriend.

Can a girl cheat a boyfriend if she stayed overnight with another guy?

It means cheating

Say you have a boyfriend in another state and you like another guy- if you go out with that other guy is that cheating on your boyfriend-We never really see each other?

not at all

Why do girls get mad if another girl answers their boyfriend's phone?

Because, in girl logic, another girl (who is not the boyfriend's sister, mother, or other female relative) answering their boyfriend's phone typically means that he is cheating with this other girl, or he's actually been cheating on this other girl with her.

New boyfriend cheating but denies it?

Answer If you know for sure that your new bf is cheating then perhaps it's time to drop him and find another boyfriend, who needs the hassel of a guy who lies from the seat of his pants.

How do you know if your boyfriend has another girl?

If your boyfriend starts to stop showing affection towards you and is always busy and going out instead of being with you. These are signs of your boyfriend cheating on you.

Why does your boyfriend have another girlfriend and he never told you about her is that cheating?

Yes it is cheating and they cheat because they might be confused or think they are all that with two girlfriends.

Is grinding on another guy while you have a boyfriend considered cheating?

Yes or No. Just take it this way would u consider it cheating if he or she did that too you?

Should you meet the woman your boyfriend cheated on you with?

No, it is not a good idea to meet the woman your boyfriend cheated with. It is your boyfriend who either instigated cheating or he was talked into dating by the other girl and he could have formed the word 'no' and this makes him 100% responsible for cheating on you. Let your boyfriend know you do not put up with cheating and refuse to share any boyfriend with another woman. If he doesn't take the hint then get rid of him.

If a girl lets another guy rub on her is that considered cheating?

Yes , why is she letting another dude feel on what belongs to her boyfriend ? -.-

How do you tell if your boyfriend cheats?

He is hanging out with another girl you know and by his smile if he looked stupid then he is cheating on you and if he is with you all the time he is not cheating on you if he is just don't cry

If your boyfriend gets pissed and out of his head and kisses another girl is that cheating?

uhm, ya! if he kisses any girl ya that's cheating mad or not

When you were at a club and was grinding with a lot of guys You also gave one a lap dance and you have a boyfriend Is that cheating?

That is slightly cheating. think about it would you want your boyfriend getting ground on by another girl.....I don't think you would.

What does it mean when a girl flirts with you but she has a boyfriend does that mean she cheats on her boyfriends?

No. She's only cheating on her boyfriend if she goes out with another person at the same time.

Is your boyfriend cheating on you if hes texting another girl?

if he is sharing things with another girl that he should be sharing with you then yes. It is called emotional cheating. Just because he isn't "getting involved" with her behind your back doesn't mean it's not cheating.

What do you do if you love your boyfriend but you like another guy and is cheating your boyfriend?

Figure out which one you like better and then dump the other one. It may hurt but is probably the best way. If you don't like the answer, don't go searching for answers on the web!!! stop cheating on your boyfriend

How do you catch your boyfriend cheating online?

You see him talking to another girl and flirting with her saying I love you

If your boyfriend gets out of his head and kisses another girl is that cheating?

yes if he does that dump his zero and get a hero

Why does your boyfriend get worried about you cheating on him?

No boy wants to see you puckering up to another boy. he wants you.