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Yes. It is possible. Seeing as you only have a tiny strip of cloth, anything is possible with that little of clothing on. The easiest way to NOT get pregnant this way is to not do it in the first place. :)

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โˆ™ 2009-05-05 15:29:51
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Q: If your boyfriend is wearing boxers and you're in a thong and he ejaculates on your thong but his penis never goes inside the vagina is there a possibility that you could be pregnant?
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You and your boyfriend rubbed each other and you were wearing tights and he was wearing jeans is there any possibility to be pregnant?

No. There is no chance in hell that you will get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if you simulate sex and he was wearing boxers and jeans and you only have your underwear on if he ejaculates a little on his pants can you get pregnant?

You should be just fine.

If you're are still a virgin can you get pregnant even when both the boy and the girl are wearing clothes and the boy ejaculates?


What are the chances a girl could get pregnant from dry humping with the guy wearing nothing but the girl wearing panties and shorts?

0.999999999999999999999999999999 % thats guessing. If he isn't wearing anything, even if you are wearing panties and shorts, if he ejaculates and it soaks through your panties and gets into your body, then you could become pregnant. But if he doesn't ejaculate, you won't get pregnant. There is a possibility that he could pre-cum as well. This is when he doesn't ejaculate, but cum drips out of his penis. If this happens, and it soaks into your shorts and gets into your body, like I said before, there is also the possiblity that you could get pregnant.

What are the chances of getting pregnant before the condom is put on?

If the guy ejaculates during intercourse, before wearing a condom & you are not on your period, then you can conceive.

Can you get pregnant if you wearing a tampon and your boyfriend sperms indside your vagina?


Can a girl get pregnant if the girl is wearing a thong and pants on and he ejaculates on her lower stomach and crotch area?

only when you push hard then release the sperm.

Can you get pregnant of you have on sweat pants and your boyfriend is on top of you and he's wearing basketball shorts?


Could a girl get pregnant from dry humping if the guy is wearing nothing and the girl is wearing underwear?

No , its extreemly unlikely! if the semen seeps in her panties, i think there is a possibility that she may get pregnant

Can you get pregnant if your wearing a thong and your boyfriend rubs his penis along your vagina but does not insert it?


If you had a sex and at that time your boyfriend wearing panty and jeans and iam not wearing anything iam nude is ther chances of getting pregnant?

The only way to get pregnant is if sperm gets into your vagina, and reaches an egg. So, if he ejaculated any time during your sex, and that sperm got close to your vagina, there is always a slight possibility.

Me and my boyfriend were dryhumping and he came but it was higher up on the vagina then needed to be to get pregnant. i was wearing jeans and underwear. can i still get pregnant?

very unlikely

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