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Here are some opinions from FAQ Farmers: * God, don't marry until you've moved; you might hate it !! * Don't move with him until you are married. Yes, you might "hate it," but you might also hate the alternative.

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Q: If your boyfriend of one and half years wants to get engaged and move to another country for a job he is taking is an engagement ring enough or should he marry you before you give up your life here?
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Is Kristen Stewart engaged to her boyfriend?

I've heard nothing of an engagement.

Does engagement only mean to get married or is it for boyfriend and girlfriend?

There engaged so like arranging to get married, But some couples stay engaged forever though.

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What does it mean if your boyfriend takes back the engagement ring?

It means you aren't engaged anymore! unless he never proposed?

Can you get engaged when your already married?

Since engagement is not a binding contract abiding nuptial laws, it is perfectly legal to be engaged to one person, whilst married to another.

What to do when your boyfriend gets engaged to someone else?

If your boyfriend gets engaged to someone else, you never had a boyfriend. Move on, find another fish, settle down, have kids, laugh at your ex, cherish the life you have.

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Do you have a right to get your engagement ring back if the engagement is called off in California?

No, once a woman is given an engagement ring it is hers to keep, but many women would prefer to give the ring back as they are no longer engaged. Also, even if the man gets the engagement ring back it would be crass to give it to another woman should he become engaged again. If the engagement ring was a family heirloom then it would be kind of her to return the ring.

What should i call my man after engagement?

engaged female is a fiancée engaged male is a fiancé

What do you do when your engaged and like someone else?

cancel your engagement

Are engagement fees refundable?

There are no fees to become engaged.

Is engaged a verb or noun?

it is both, to be engaged to a person it is a noun, like engagement to a wedding. but if you are engaged in a conversation than it is a verb

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She is not married but has had the same boyfriend for over 20 years, Steadman Graham.Oprah has never been married. She was engaged to her long-time boyfriend Stedman for a time but ended the engagement. They are still together though.

How do you spell the word when someone is engaged?

Here are some engagement terms:proposal - an offer of marriage (to be accepted or declined)betrothal - an engagement, agreement to marry (partners are betrothed or engaged)fiance - (French fiancé) an engaged manfiancee - (French fiancée) an engaged woman

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they never were going to get engaged

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No, Roberts has not announced any engagement.

What do you call you boyfriend when your engaged?

What do you call your boyfriend when your engeged?

What is the difference between going steady and engagement?

Going steady is when you are only steady dating with a girlfriend or boyfriend and no commitment to get engaged or married. An engagement is a vow that the two people will be getting married. Either way both partners should be honest and loyal to each other.

Is is necessary for you to give an engagement gift at a party when you have already sent the couple an engagement gift months earlier when they got engaged?

No, since you have already given an engagement gift you do not have to buy another gift for the party, but it would be a nice touch if you brought a nice bottle of wine or champagne.

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What finger does a pre-engagement ring go on?

It goes on your engagement finger on the left hand. Just as if you were getting engaged.