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If telling him how you feel isn't helping, try asking him if something is wrong with him. My husband is being a lot less affectionate, and I discovered he's been feeling very poorly for a while and kind of keeping the severity of it to himself. It's completely changed his personality. long relationships need a fuel to run and oil to run smooth. These things are responsibility to both partners. What is up to you -you have to make it interesting come up with new ideas. There are in library a lots of books written from psychologist how you can rekindle the romance. The books are for married but you can use all the ideas. If you fail with a boyfriend, how you going to make it with man for whom you will be married decades?

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Q: If your boyfriend used to be the most loving and thoughtful man and you know he loves you but now he takes you for granted how can you get him to stop being a jerk and act like before?
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Same as before?

what should i do if he isnot loving same before