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Look at this from a practible point of view. Typing is a long and involved proccess for most people so to be quicker he doesnt x and o. Have is emails got longer and does he x and o at the end. Send him and electronic greeting that you think hell like say something nice, Im sure things are fine. I bet if he was right there now he would be holding you and kissing you to death. Youll be fine, if its a long distance relationship, have no doubts, dont lose faith in him. If either of you stray and neither find out does it matter if you are both loving and faithfull when you are together.

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2006-04-14 04:36:12
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Q: If your boyfriend used to put xoxos after every sentence when texting or IMing and now all of a sudden he doesn't and you still do does this mean you like him more than he likes you?
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