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If your boyfriend wants a baby but you are scared and feel your too young sometimes even if you know you are ready to have one what do you do?


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the both of you should talk about it then decide if its time to have a baby

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he is either nervous scared or just not ready you make the first move

If your boyfriend wants to and has those feelings he will do it when he wants to and is ready. Don't expect it just because your dating because that does not always mean they are in love with you.

tell him when you're ready to say it at the right time. i mean you're ready.

It means hes not ready for you yet, your to good for him. he needs time to figure out who he is and what he is ready for

you don't ask. when he's ready he'll ask you.

Either he has a crush on you (likes you and wants to be your boyfriend in his head but in real life is scared or not ready for a relationship with you)and is very honest, Or he likes you as a friend and doesn't want not going out with you to ruin your relationship.

dont do it until you are ready, if he thinks anything of you he will wait. he he does not want to wait you are better off without him.

It depends if you're ready. Men are sexual (most men anywas). So say NO! If you are not ready.

no you both have to be ready to kiss so you should wait until you are sure he is ready and also that you are ready if you kiss too soon youcould end your relationship

Discuss it together and find out if you are both ready or if you should wait a while

Can't. He has to want to, and you can't control that. If you're not ready for a relationship where two people each have their own wants and needs, preferences, personality, and will, and choose to get together, you're not really ready for a boyfriend.

If your boyfriend says that he wants to have a child but not with you, that just means that he's not ready for that type of a commintment, and if he says that if it happens then it happens that just means that he will be there for you. He will help you through it.

There's nothing wrong with waiting. Maybe he's not ready to be a father.

You can tell him your feelings of why you don't want to do it, or you can break up with him. Tell him why you are not ready and ask him to wait with you. If he is unwilling to wait then he does not really love you at all.

then he's really not worth it... sex is something that should be saved for when you're ready... don't have sex just because your boyfriend says he wants it

He's either scared of rejection, or isn't ready to tell you yet.

Because he's probably scared that he will lose you if you don't spend all your time together.

I was not ready when my boyfriend asked me out but Isaid yes and got used to it like that! Tell him the truth - he'll respect you for it

it means he wants to have sex with you before any one else. ---- That means that your boyfriend is a virgin and he wants to have sex for the first time with you. Remember, you are a part of this equation. If you are not ready to have sex or you do not want to have sex, you do not have to. Pre-marital sex is not a requirement in a relationship.

be patient and there's actually nothing anyone could do if someone just wants to be friends. but be closer to him and just be his friend and be there for him all the time and let him be comfortable around you and maybe he'll change his mind and his heart will start loving you.

Try taking a shower you might just taste like soap'

if your a male and your friend wonts to e your boyfriend tellum your not gay if your female just think about it and if you like them give it a try if you are ready i would go for it! good luck!

If your boyfriend wants to kiss and you have only been together since the 14th, you should only kiss if you are ready to do so. Don't do anything that you are not comfortable with for someone else.

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