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Unless their is custody involved the girl's father is able to take her and not give her back. If their is custody involved and he takes the girl and won't give her back then that would be considered kidnapping.

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Q: If your boyfriend who is the father of your daughter is threatening to take her and not give her back what are your rights?
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If your boyfriend didn't sign the birth certificate what rights do he have?

none even if he did He must have rights as a father. The CHILD have the right to his father.

Who has parental rights if my daughter and her boyfriend had 2 kids and were never married?

Your daughter unless courts say other wise

Who has the rights of ownership of your father's ashes and is it his daughter or his mother?

Without a doubt the daughter. That is her father unless they had a bad relationship but otherwise the daughter.

The father did not sign any paper giving up his daughter or his rights as a father and he never will But the daughter is living in South Carolina with her grandmother?

And your question is? Termination of parental rights is a separate matter from custody (either legal and/or physical).

Your husband wants to adopt your daughter but her biological father is in the picture?

Then unless the biological father is ok with this and signs his rights over, the new husband has no legal rights to the child.

What rights does my teenage daughter have when she does not want to spend time with her noncustodial father?

none <3

Can your daughter receive disability from his father even if his rights were severed?

If the biological parents' rights were severed, the parent is a legal stranger to the child, and she and the father have no duties or benefits to each other.

Your daughter was born into your marriage yet your husband is not the biolgical father Does he legally have any rights and how can the biological father establish his rights?

Your husband has no rights over the child because he did not help in the creation of the child, but he can legally adopt her.

Your daughter biological father wants to sign over rights to your fiance?

see link below

Can your daughter live with ex husband if she is not his biological daughter?

If he has adopted her then he is her father and has all of the biological fathers rights transferred to him at adoption. If adopted yes

You would like your daughters father to give up his rights?

I would like to know how I would go about have my daughter give up his rights.

If your illegal ex-boyfriend is threatening to take custody of your unborn child and is planning to take him or her out of the country what rights can he possibly have being an illegal?

No right at all.

Can a gifted 11 year old make a decision not to go with her father on weekends anymore in nm?

No, you must be 16 in order to make that decision, whereas he cannot force you, it is against human rights. My 11 year old daughter does not want to go with her father on the weekends and he is threatening to send the police over to get her, Can they force her to go?

Can a birth father relinquish his rights to a seventeen year old daughter who is pregnant?

see link below

My babies father does not want anything to do with our baby so my boyfriend signed her birth certificate and is providing for her. does her biological father have to sign any legal papers?

Yes, he is still the father. If you were married to the boyfriend and he adopted the baby you would still have to get the father to sign away his rights.

Girlfriend told me I was the father of her daughter She put another guys name on the birthcertificate so I wouldn' have any rights I want to know if the child is mine?

The only thing you can do is get a DNA test. That will show you for sure if she is your daughter. About your rights, if she is your daughter, you have to contact a lawyer.

Live in CA what rights do you have to your daughter whose mom you did not marry Mother is unstable and unsuited at this point in life to be a mother?

AS you are the father of your daughter, even if you have not yet married her your responsibility will be the same and all the more as a normal father.

Can boyfriend adopt girlfriends daughter if father is not on birth certificate in California?

yes If it's established who the biological father is, regardless what name is on the birth certificate, he will have to give up his parental rights in order for someone else to adopt the child. He can also go to court and have the name on the birth certificate changed to his.

Can a woman's boyfriend or husband adopt her children with out having their father give up his parental rights?

The child's father is going to have to give up his rights first. You cannot adopt a child, if both parents do not agree.

Can a father give the only man that his daughter knows as dad his rights?

Yes you can sign over your rights. Only the courts can terminate parental rights. In this case, the child should be adopted.

Does the boyfriend of your teenage pregnant daughter have any rights to the baby?

It depends, it is different in each situation... but family court can help you decide that.

Can you adopt your step daughter?

If the biological father relinquishes his parental rights and the court agrees and allows the adoption to proceed.

What steps need to be taken if you want to adopt your wife's daughter but the father is alive?

the birth father would have to surrender all parental rights. then apply for adoption.

What rights do parents have regarding their 15 year old pregnant daughter?

Only the pregnant female can legally make decisions regarding the baby. She and the father are the ones deciding what will happen after birth. You have the right to support her as before. The father and your daughter will have to pay for their child. So basically nothing has changed for you regarding your rights.

Who has the ownership of a mother's ashes after 5 years the husband or the daughter the husband and the daughter are not related?

If the mother and father were married at the time of her death, then the father has the rights to the ashes, and will have that right for as long as he lives. The exception to that would be if the mother left a will requesting that her ashes be left to the daughter (or someone else).