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It is estimated that most young healthy couples trying for a baby fall pregnant within 4 months. If your boyfriend's sperm count is 25% of normal, it should take you statistically 4 times as long. But of course this is all dependent on the "health" of the sperm your boyfriend does have (ie they could be very strong "swimmers"). You also must be fertile and you must have intercourse at the correct time of the month. A man will release over 1 million sperm with each ejaculation. One million sperm for one female ova! So don't worry about the low count - this will still mean he is "shooting" over 250,000 sperm to fertilise your single ova!

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Q: If your boyrfriend has a low sperm count like a 25 percent chance how likely is it that you'll get pregnant?
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Yes, but it's not likely.

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