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First suggestion, if you've got the time, and 20 bucks for your cars manual, doing disc brake replacement is painfully simple. But to answer the question - try spraying some brake system cleaner on the suspected components... NO LUBRICANTS. If that's not it- you can also try having your rotors resurfaced... but usually not worth it for just a concern of noise. Also - certain brake types (ie. semi-metallic, ceramic) will be more vocal than others.

yes... your local auto parts store should have a product you can put on the back (where the pads touch the caliper) to stop the noise.

you can sand the surfaces of the pads to remove the glaze with sand paper. just rough them up a little

If these are new brake pads the glaze is from the heads of the staples your mechanic hammered into your brake pads. Over time this will wear off leaving just the legs of the staples to gouge your disks so that you need expensive disk replacement as well as pads next time. Likely you just had the front pads replaced, but you will find the most staples in the rear pads, that way you get the full four disk replacement treatment next time.

ALWAYS buy copper ceramic brake pads, these are more difficult to sabotage and the mechanic cannot say the steel bits are part of the semi-metalic brake pads. ANY mechanic that REFUSES to install copper ceramic brake pads is not one you want to touch your car EVER. To replace your brake pads yourself you will need to buy short lengths of gas pipe at your hardware store to extend your wrench. (Which will void your wrench warrantee, etc.) You will find the lug nuts so over tightened that the nuts are partially stripped. The two bolts holding the brake assembly on will also be over torqued but these are tougher metal, the manufacturer tends to get sued if these bolts fail.

The easiest answer is to take it to your trusted mechanic. I have been in the business for years and seen plenty of glazed brakes. The honest truth is that using a semi metalic pad on metal rotors causes that problem. Having the conspiracy theory that someone actually hammered staples or that you should only use highline expensive pads is ridiculous. With a semi metalic pad they are cost efective. If you feel that you should spend the money great but they do not offer any more safety than reg semi metalic pads. Again trust you repair shop or do the work your self.


Remove pads and scuff with ruff sand paper. Apply small amount of "brake grease" on tips of pads back plate {not on face pads} and on piston/pad contact area. Also on slide pins on the brake caliper. Do not get grease on brake pads front or an rotors. Lightly grease please!

If they still squeal try this: Remove grease first--Theres a rubber coating for brake piston/pad contact area you can get at any parts store and this has to dry after applying before you complete assembly. It more expensive than grease so try grease first.

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Q: If your brake pads squeal but you are told they have plenty of life left and just have a 'glaze' on the top is there anything you can do?
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