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Possibly. Mixed files happen all the time. If there are accounts on your reports that are NOT yours dispute them as not belonging to you. If your brother's name appears on your reports, dispute that as well. Accounts on your reports that are connected to any other names should come off your reports.

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Q: If your brother's name is listed on your credit report as other names used does this mean his credit is mixed with yours?
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Check to see if all of the info they have for you is correct, previous addresses, names, ect. because they could have mixed your info with someone with the same name as you. You can get a free credit report from and then you can dispute any info directly online through the credit bureau reporting agencies. Each agency is different in what is being reported so you will want to check all 3, Transunion, Experian, and Equifax. If you still have problems you can give them a call and press 0 on each option until they send you to an operator.

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False accounts, otherwise called "Mixed Files", get put on to a person's credit report due to the search engine algorithm that is used by the credit bureaus to ensure everything belonging to that person is in the credit report. The requirement for something to be connected with your name and file are set very low. You need to send a dispute letter to the bureaus explaining that this is not your account and you want it removed. Unfortunately, you may need to send more letters since the bureaus are not really anxious to remove this from their files and the creditor or collection companies just want it reporting and conduct a poor investigation, (if they truly investigate it at all). This is why a good credit repair company can be more effective in getting things removed. As a credit repair company we go after them very aggressively, and, if necessary, turn the matter over to attorneys specializing in this part of the law.

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