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If your brother is older than you and because he is a man does he have to sort out your deceased father's will?

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September 08, 2008 12:27AM

== == * Usually most people name an Executor (male) or Executrix (female) in charge of the Will. You do have a right to see that Will, so I'd ask your brother if you could see it. He may or may not let you read it if you are on the young side. If your father just left a Will and never mentioned an Executor/Executrix, then if you are a minor and your brother isn't it's his responsibility to take charge. If you aren't a minor and a few years younger than your brother then BOTH of you should be working on this Will. The court can appoint a neutral party to be responsible for taking care of the estate if the others are minors or decline the responsibility. * No, he does not HAVE to sort out the estate. He can decline the responsibility. If he wants to, and you have a problem with that, you can object and the court may appoint a neutral administrator to ensure that the estate is handled properly.