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1、Vernier caliper`s history in Europe

The vernier caliper was invented in its modern form by the French mathematician Pierre Vernier. He is a quite well known mathematician, in his mathematical monograph "La construction, l'usage, et les propriétés du quadrant nouveau de mathematiques" chronicles the vernier caliper structure and principle, In it he described the ingenious device which now bears his name, the Vernier scale. And that the well-known vernier caliper has not been seen, so some have questioned whether he made a vernier caliper.

1851 by the American company will Nonuth Brown & Sharpe and Vernier two ideas to create the first vernier caliper, rear arsenal to be improved by the German Masuer manufacturing, is the most widely used engineering gages. 1854 Netherlands, France, Germany, Britain, have generally use the vernier caliper.

Germany Mahr in 1871 has produced the world's first vernier caliper, micrometer, is the world's oldest manufacturer of precision measuring instruments, is one of the world's three meter suppliers. Marking the vernier caliper into mass production stage.

2、Vernier caliper`s history in America

The American and British people called for the vernier caliper Vernier Caliper, to commemorate the inventor of the sliding scale Pierre Vernier. In 1872, with the American Society of Mechanical rapid industrial development began large-scale use of vernier caliper.

Sharp, founder of American Machinery Co., Ltd. in the fall of 1985 the world's first successful batch processing of four 0-4 inch vernier caliper with an accuracy up to 0.001 mm. It marks that calipers enter the era of precision measuring.

2、Vernier caliper`s history in South America

In 1946, with the South American country's liberation and the initial development of industry, vernier calipers had been used by South American countries, such as Brazil, Argentina.

2、Vernier caliper`s history in Japan

Japan and Germany name caliper Nonuth, in order to commemorate the caliper valve Nonuth's

In 1856, Japan has also popularized the vernier caliper, vernier caliper manufacturing technology increased gradually updated rapidly, making it a versatile lengthmeasuringtool.

2、Vernier caliper`s history in China

All kinds of measuring instruments in the family, the vernier caliper is widely used as a high-precision measurement tool which is engraved line extension and expansion of the ruler , which originated in China . Early Ancient measuring length mainly uses wood or rope , or use the " move " , " cloth hand" approach, the length of the units to be had after the ruler engraved lines appeared. The reticle ruler in 3000 BC in ancient Egypt, in 2000 BC era of Xia and Shang has been used, which was mainly made ​​of ivory and jade, bronze engraved lines until the emergence of such a ruler "advanced" more measurement tools used in the production and astronomical measurements.

Chinese Han science and technology developed, invented a lot of the time the world's leading advanced equipment and appliances, such as the armillary sphere, seismograph, water discharge, etc. These round shaft birth engraved lines are clear that the birth of a ruler in China. In Beijing National Museum collection "Xinmang copper calipers", after expert research, it is the world's earliest discovered caliper, manufactured in 9 AD, from the year 1900 for many years. Compared with China, the foreign inventions in the field late in the caliper more than 1,000 years, the earliest is the UK's "caliper ruler", shaped like a vernier caliper, but with the same caliper Xinmang copper, it is only one groove calipers, accuracy and use of range are low.

May 1992 at 8 km northwest of the city of Yangzhou Hanjiang Oasis Township (now Oasis Hanjiang Town) successfully cleaned up an early Eastern Han Dynasty brick tomb, unearthed from the tomb of a brass caliper, brass caliper this by a fixed scale and activities feet and other parts of composition. Fixed-foot full-length 13.3 cm, 5.2 cm long fixed jaw, width 0.9 cm, thickness 0.5 cm. Top with fish-shaped handles fixed scale length 13 cm, middle to open a guide groove, the groove can be rotated built an adjustable guide pins, follow the guide slot and move around. Events and activities in the claw-foot indirect one ring handle, easy to tether or grip. Phase and two claws, the fixed foot and Events foot length. When used, the left hand holding the fish-shaped handle, right hand affects the ring handle, pull around to measure the workpiece. This gauge can measure objects with a diameter, depth, and can be measured length, width, thickness, easy and precise than a ruler. Unfortunately because of the age, its fixed and activities ruler ruler measurement scale and chronology inscriptions, have been corroded illegible.

1976 national differences based on specifications, set the international standard (ISO-3599-1976). China has also developed a measuring ruler Chinese National Standards (CNS 4175-B6030).

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