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If your canine tooth is infected and needs to be pulled but the nerve dies and the pain is gone can you keep tooth until it falls out?



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That's probably not a good idea. If it's infected it could cause some serious problems if it isn't dealt with properly. Of course the above is true. If you leave the tooth and it rots it can go into the jaw bone and also cause facial pain and also spread to the teeth on each side. It's best to have it pulled. Dentists today have different bridges that can be put in your mouth to replace the canine tooth. There are many things a dentist could do. If the infection is in the gingiva (gums), it is called Periodontal Disease and can be treated. If the infection is at the apex of the root (the tip of the root), it is called an abscess. It is treated with antibiotics and pulled usually.

Now if you are only experiencing periodontal disease and the nerve is dead, the dentist will perform a root canal treatment. And you will be able to keep your tooth but it will have a covering over it called a crown. You SHOULD NEVER leave an infection especially in the oral cavity. If you wait too long especially if its an abscess, you can cause bone loss in your jaw which is extremely painful. Hope this helps.

My advice... go see your dentist ASAP!!!!

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