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NO, NOT and dont consider it. Pester the lender to rush it up but dont STEAL it.

how is that stealing when it is still in my name?

It is stealing, because it was repossessed from you, and was probably reported to the local law enforcement agency there as having been repossessed. But don't take my word for it, govern yourself accordingly, ha ha.

But be careful! I assure you, it isn't being left there ignored.

:Whether or not you paid them the money they requested and are now current, you're breaking and entering private property. The car's title has not transferred back to you. Until it does, you're committing GTA. Don't Even Think About It.

If you want to, you can start taking cabs, and then sue for remittance for the cab fares in small claims. If you can prove they were excessively slow in processing the return of your car, you might prevail. However, this isn't a sure thing.

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Q: If your car has been repossessed and you know where it is can you go get it since you made the payments before they repoed it?
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Can my insurance co. disability payments or my workers comp payments be garnished for a vehicle reposession?

They might be able to garnish your payments for the money that you owe them , but nothing more since vehicle has been repossessed.

Will it affect your credit if a car is repossessed after the lease has ended?

YES - the fact that the original term of the lease had past has nothing to do with it since the payments weren't made.

What is concealment of a vechicle?

I'll take a guess, since you posted this under reposession: It's hiding a vehicle so it would be repossessed, done sometimes when people are behind in their car payments.

Do you have to insure a car that has been repossessed?

No, since the car is no longer considered "your" property.

What can a creditor do to you that has repoed a car?

It all depens since it varies from state to state but there are several options and none are pretty from your perspective.

Does the lender on a car loan have to notify the cosigner before they repossess the car in TN?

They should since they are just as responsible for making payments as the primary.

How might one purchase a bank repossessed car?

Buying a repossessed car today can be a great way to save money, but be careful to inspect the car to be sure there are no hidden problems since they are typically sold "as is". Some dealers specialize in repossessed cars and you can also find them at a local auction.

Why would you still get calls from collection if it has been over 13 years since you had your car repossessed?

Demand verification of the debt.

If my car was involved in an accident and before it was fixed it was reposessed what needs to be done?

Most likely nothing. As long as you were doing everything you were supposed to be doing, filing an insurance claim regardless of fault, (you're supposed to have full coverage when you make car payments to protect the lender's interest in the car), and providing all facts and information requested by your insurer, you should be fine. Once a car has been repoed, it is up to the lender what to do with the car since they technically owned it in the first place.

What must you do if it has been over 7 years since your vehicle has been repossessed and you do not know what number to call if you wanted to fix this problem?

My friend if its been over 7 years since your vehicle was repoed i would just wait a little longer a it should take care of its self they dont generally stay on for more then 7-10 years any way. Once something is on your credit the only way it's coming off is if you dispute the legitimacy of it. If you are able to prove your case then by law the reporting agency must remove the blemish. If your car was repossessed and that shows on your credit then it will be there forever. The only thing that makes it appear as though it does not exist is time. Most people you would go to for a loan will look back 3-5 years. They can look back as far as 10 though and most major items stop showing after 7 years such as judgements, liens, forclosures, repossessions and bankruptcies. But they are still on the history somewhere. If a dealership was to finance you now and the 7 year old repossession showed up but since then you have taken care of your creditors then they should not consider that a real issue. If you have a pattern of unpaid or late payments since the repossession then they will look at that more so then anything else. Doesn't matter if you make a million dollars a year. If your not willing to spend it on loan payments no one wants to finance you.

Can you still keep your car even if it was repossessed I live in Chicago?

If your car was repossessed, you can't really keep it, since you no longer have it.If you act very quickly (I'm suggest calling the lienholder the instant you know the car is gone), you might be able to recover it before it's sold to someone else. At the very least you should expect to have to make any missed payments good immediately; if it wasn't a simple case of one missed payment in an otherwise spotless repayment history, the lienholder might well insist that you pay off the loan in its entirety.In other words: it's possible, it's just not terribly likely.

What bankruptcy can you file to keep your home if you are behind in payments?

If you are behind in your payments and you declare bankruptcy usually you can remain in your home and continue payments. However the lender will most likely begin foreclosure since you can't afford it and you are at higher risk.

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