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2nd yr of 6-yr loan, b/k 2yrs ago,???? You just cant quit can ya?? Buy something you can PAY CASH for and leave the credit alone.

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Q: If your car has been repossessed in Oklahoma and you had a bankruptcy 2 years ago should you negotiate to keep the car or risk garnishment?
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How do i file for financial hardship in Oklahoma so that my wages are not garnished What for m do I use?

Is the garnishment filed in Oklahoma County?

In Oklahoma can more than one garnishment be taken out at the same time?


If your veh is repossessed in OKLAHOMA can you be garnisheed for any unpaid balance after auction?


What property can you keep if you declare bankruptcy in Oklahoma?

That'll be determined by the courts.

Can wages be garnished by more than one judgment creditor at the same time in Oklahoma?

No, wage garnishment by a judgment creditor must run consecutively not concurrently. Garnishment/automatic deduction of court ordered child support is not considered a 'true garnishment', that being the case a child support deduction and creditor garnishment can be active at the same time.

How often can you file chapter 7 bankruptcy in Oklahoma?

Every 8 years.

How long does a chapter 7 bankruptcy stay on your credit report in Oklahoma?

10 years from discharge...everywhere

Can credit card company garnish wages in Oklahoma?

Yes, if the creditor sues the debtor and receives a judgment, the judgment can be used as a wage garnishment to collect the debt owed.

If your truck is repossessed in Oklahoma is the finance company reqiured by law to get as much of the owed balance as possible.?

No. They will sell the truck at auction and it will bring what it will bring. You are then responsible for the balance.

What if 18 year old cosigner for an auto files bankruptcy when buyer defaults - Oklahoma?

Both have a problem and the car will be picked up by the bank.

What is the maximum percentage allowable on a wage garnishment with child support garnishment in the State of Oklahoma?

The maximum percentage allowable is 65 percent. This can only be taken out if the garnishee does not support a second family and owes more than 12 weeks of back child support. If the garnishee does support a second family, the maximum is 55 percent if he owes more than 12 weeks of back child support, and 50 percent if he does not.

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It may depend on your state. In Oklahoma, the vehicle (if not retrieved) will eventually be sold at auction, and the original contract holders (husband and wife in this case) will be responsible for any amount below "payoff".

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