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NO, you PP should be returned. Call the LENDER and tell them you need to get your PP from the car. they should put you in touch with the repo co. so you can do so.

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Q: If your car has been repossessed is any way to get your personal belongings from it or should you consider them gone too?
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How do you claim your personal belongings from a car that has been repossessed and can the storage yard charge you for them?

* You have to contact the storage yard immediately. * If you have proof of ownership take it with you. (You might not need this.) * If you have proof that the car is registered in your name take that with you. * The storage yard should not charge you for holding your belongings if you have contacted them immediately. They might charge you some fee if they have to go to some trouble to get your belongings.

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what should I not take to the public sheter?

You should bring any valuable personal belongings.

Can you get any belongings in your car that got repo?

They should offer you a chance to get your belongings out of the car when they come to repossess it. Their repossession order covers the vehicle they're repossessing - it does not give them entitlement to your personal belongings.

Can you claim personal belongings in a car accident?

yes. if it is not your fault than ofcourse. it should be acceptable

Is it legal to drive a car that is supposed to be repossessed?

No. Just know that you may stop somewhere to go shopping and find that you are walking home. Also, you should know that if you were to surrender it, there would be less in repo fees and you are more likely to keep any personal belongings that are in your vehicle.

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Your employer cannot hold your personal belongings if they are in fact your belongings. If your employer refuses to return property you can prove is yours, you should contact a lawyer about a lawsuit and/or may even be able to file criminal conversion charges with your local police.

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When a car gets repossessed can they keep the personal property that was in the car?

If you take your personal property before the vehicle is picked up, you can keep it. If you voluntarily turn in the vehicle you get to keep anything you want. If they have to hunt it down and tow it off, you're just out of luck. They'll throw away anything that was in it and if someone picks it up, it's theirs.This is not true.. The creditor must account for all personal belongings found in a repossessed car.. The below answer came from the following site..."What happens to personal property left in my car?Personal property does not apply to improvements made to the car, such as a CD Player, stereo or luggage rack. It only applies to items not connected to the vehicle. The creditor or whoever repossessed the car CANNOT keep or sell any personal property found inside. If the creditor or whoever repossessed the car cannot account for personal property left in the vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation and should consult with an attorney"

Who pays insurance on a rental home?

The owner will usually have a policy but if you are a renter, you should have a renters insurance policy to cover your personal belongings.

What are the repo laws in New York because your car was repossessed and they say they sent a notice but you never received it and now the car was sold with your stuff?

You should call the company that the car was finaniced through. They should have given you a number to call so you could schedule a pick up for your personal belongings. They should not of sold the car with your items in it. I would call the loan company and ask them where you things are and what they are going to do for you now that your things are gone.

When a car is repossessed what do you do with the insurance?

When a car has been repossessed the person paying the insurance should cancel it.

How can you get personal items back after repo in California?

The repo company should notify you about your belongings, if not, Contact your bank who will give you the phone number to the repo company who took your car and make an appointment within 30 days.... after 30 days your belongings are trashed

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Drugs found in repossessed car who is at fault?

You should discuss this with an attorney, but the investigation will likely center on the person it was repossessed from.

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One should consider when purchasing House Building Insurance the following factors - Personal Liability (enough to cover someone else's injuries). Also you will need to consider personal property for the structure itself and the contents once inside the house.

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An employer cannot search you or your belongings. If they feel that you should be searched, they need to contact the local authorities.

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Should you cancel the car insurance on a repossessed car in Florida?

Yes of course you should!

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If you are not paying rent, then the landlord has the right to reclaim the home after giving notice. It seems to me that saving your belongings was a kindness, but if they had to go into storage, then you should be responsible to pay the going rate for that effort. Depending on your local laws, there may not be any requirement that the landlord care for your belongings.