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The owner of the illegally parked vehicle may be ticketed, but the "At Fault" driver is responsible for the damages to the parked vehicle.

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Q: If your car is parked illegally and someone is driving down a one way street drunk the wrong way and hits your car are they responsible to pay for the car or are you because your car was illegally?
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When a driver has no driver's license or insurance but driving a car that is insured and someone hits them who is responsible?

It's going to be very difficult to claim that it's not the fault of the person who was breaking the law by driving illegally.

Would I be responsible if someone else is driving my car and they get into accident?

No. The driver is responsible.

Can you claim on someone's insurance for an accident caused due to them parking on a corner blocking view of road?

If they were not parked illegally then they are not responsible for your accident.

Who is responsible for a ticket while driving someone else's car with expired sticker?

you are

Who is at fault when someone backs into an illegally parked car?

The driver is responsible for the full damages. Your car is motionless. A prudent driver driving reasonably should look into a rear view mirror before backing up. In this case your illegal parking did NOT contribute to the negligence of the driver.

Who is responsible if a person left the scence of the accident and the car was registered under someone else?

The owner of the vehicle is responsible for whatever it does unless you can prove that someone else was driving.

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If you receive a ticket for being illegally parked which caused someone to rear end you at night are you responsible?

Yes. The car created a traffic hazard. The person who parked the car is responsible for any accident that occurred as a result.

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If someone else is driving your car and they get in trouble with the cops and you were in the car will you get into trouble?

Yes, you are responsible for it because you gave the other person permission to drive the car and the only way you won't be responsible for it is when the other person has signed a paper stating "I Do take responsibility of the damage of this car, when driving it".I Know my answer is long. But it will help you a lot.

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What will happen if an uninsured licensed driver wrecks your car on public property and you have insurance?

If your insurance covers someone else driving your car, no problem. If not, it's your car and you are legally responsible for whatever damage there is. In other words, you are responsible because you loaned him the car.