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I believe there is a process called "RE-affirm" involving you and the LENDER that must be complated. You should ask your B/K attorney for case specific advice.

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Q: If your car is repossessed before you refile for bankruptcy after a dismissal can you get it back?
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Can a chapter 13 bankruptcy that has been dismissed be discharged?

No, once a bankruptcy is dismissed it has to be refiled after the time limit has expired. The time limit to refile after a chapter 13 dismissal is two years.

How long after you have a chapter 13 bankruptcy dismissed do you have to wait before refiling?

It is 180 days before you can refile

Can you refile bankruptcy if its still active?


Can an individual dismissed from Chapter 13 bankruptcy refile for bankruptcy?

You can file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Can you refile for bankruptcy once you have had bankruptcy overturned?

What could you possibly mean by overturned? Bankruptcy cases are dismissed (for any number of reasons) or discharged (as in completed). It is all covered by Federal law. Depending on which and why will depend on when you can refile.

While in a chapter 13 bankruptcy can you stop the bankruptcy?

Yes, and if things don't work out, you can refile.

When can you refile chapter 7 bankruptcy in Georgia?

never because do to law

When can you refile bankruptcy after a previous bankruptcy discharge?

Under the Bankrputcy Abuse and Consumer Protection Act of 1995, an eight year period must go by before a person is allowed to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy again.

Can you refile bankrutpcy after receiving a discharge?

Huh? Discharged from what...your last bankruptcy filing?

What does dismissal without leave mean?

Dismissal without leave mean is a legal term which mean that the suit has been completely dismissed. There is not option to refile the complaint or amend it.

What is dismissal without leave by DA mean?

That means that the DA does not have permission to amend or refile the complaint, it is dismissed completely.

Is it better on your credit to refile after a Chapter 13 dismissal or pay your bills yourself with your creditors?

You are always going to be better off by paying your bills.

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