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Hey Chris==It would help if you stated what year and brand of car you have. If it is carbuerated, it is probably in the accelerator pump. If it is fuel injected, it can be the tenp sender, the injectors,the fuel pump low preasure. the troutle body itself. GoodluckJoe

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:20:00
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Q: If your car starts fine why would it stall out when you gives it gas?
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Hey tom its a 1990 pontiact transport van and it starts out fine and as soon as the vehicle warms up it will stall it will start back up but when you put it in gear from park it stall again until cool?

Hey tom its a 1990 pontiact transport van and it starts out fine and as soon as the vehicle warms up it will stall it will start back up but when you put it in gear from park it stall again until cool?

What could be the problem if your 92 Chevy Corsica is driving fine and then it starts to sputter and stall it cranks back up and stalls when put in gear?

TCC Solenoid.

Why does my 2004 Xterra stall when put in gear It Starts idling at 1200 rpm after 15 min it idles down and drives fine?

Look for a vacuum leak.

Why would an engine seem to almost stall when put in reverse but idle fine in park engine is 94 351 windsor?

Why would it stall or almost stall in Reverse but not in Drive? How long since it's received a tune-up and thorough check-up? How is the compression?

Why would a 94 Accord EXi stall when the AC starts?

The compressor sounds like it is burned out. When the AC is put on, the compressor starts to cycle driven by either a belt or serpentine belt. If it is malfunctioning it will actually stall the motor. Thanks for your response... How ever my compressor in working perfectly fine...I already solved my problem... I just clean the IAC Valve terminals and when I try to start my car and turn the A/C on, wala...! My car Stall no more... hope this will help others.... thanks guys... till next time..

POWER LOSS 1991 golf 1300 cc Ryder starts well but start to lose power after driving for more than 20 minutes and starts to stall It is fine if you let is rest for a couple of minutes Why?

check the fuel pump

What would cause a91 eagle talon to idle fine but rev it up and it works fine then starts to miss then will barely idle then stall then let it sit for 2 min fire it up and it will idle fine?

have you checked the spark plugs and wires? if not try replacing those... my 95 eagle talon did about what yours is and I just replaced the plugs and wires and it runs like a top (with over 200,000mi on it!)

My 1985 cougar stalls starts up just fine drives fine but when it gets hot it seems to stall when i have to idle at a light or stop at a stop sign.?

Check your IAC valve. Could be bad temp gauge. Could be idling too low.

87 Nissan Pathfinder starts fine but when it warms up and kicks down from a fast idle it begins to run rough and stall. What is wrong?

Coolant temperature sensor. 20 bucks or so

Why does the engine die and then run fine after 5 minutes?

One common problems is a plugged catalytic converter, if the engine starts fine and then starts to stall or feel like it does not have any power after running for a while it could be the catalytic converter.. the engine starts loosing power because the exhaust has nowhere to go (the catalytic converter is partially or totally plugged) Compression starts to go down causing the engine to stall or die. If you leave the car alone for a while the pressure in the engine goes out slowly thru the catalytic converter leaving the car ready to start again for a few minutes but it will shut down again.

Why would an Isuzu trooper stall when driving for about 15 minutes and then restart to drive fine?

If the check engine light is on...might be a dirty EGR valve.

What could cause a manual to stall when stopping but idle fine?

I would check clutch plate, if faulty renew, the clutch might need adjusting.

Why would my car almost stall and headlights flicker when I come to a stop... Fine when in park?

It is idling to low, it may be in need of a tune up.

I have a 350 Chevy motor in my truck It starts fine and idles fine but when I put it in gear it stalls Wondering what the problem might be?

if you got an automatic depending on what gear it is you may need a 2800 or 3500 rpm stall in your torque converter call a transmission shop if that's it they will help you

Why would a car that was fine loose power then stall then not turn over for a few minutes and after turn over but sputter shake and stall or not drive Electric OK and no apparent leak and no smoke?

is the exhaust pipe pluged causing back pressure ?

1997 Ford Aspire It Idols fine but when you put it in gear after driving a little it starts to sputter and feels like it may stall out?

my 97 aspire did this had it checked out and all tha was wrong was my timing was off and had to be adjusted

What would make your 1986 GMC Truck stall and backfire and run perfectly fine at other times?

timing chain or distributer --or gypsies, gremlins etc.......

Why would a Honda Accord when first starting to drive it starts fine and runs fine for a while but then the tach starts to bounce and then the engine shuts off?

I suspect a bad distributor. Honda distributors have been known to fail.

Ford contour will stall then start up and run fine?

maybe fuel injectors?

What causes car to start and stall several times then run fine?

bu9u yfdxfzer

Why would a 1997 Nissan Pathfinder engine stall or cut out at various speeds but restart fine?

I have a 95 Pathfinder and had a similar issue. The engine would cut out when coming to a stop or making a turn but was fine when giving it gas. I had a fuel system flush done (but not a new fuel filter) and it has been fine since.

Are there stick on lights appropriate for use in a shower stall?

there are exterior stick on lights that will do fine in that moisture

Why would your 1999 Hyundai excel drive fine until warm then stall and not start again until it has sat for 15 to 30minutes?

your crank angle sensor playing up.

Why would a 1994 Mercury Topaz idle low but run fine until you go up a hill when it loses power and also stall in traffic?

Check fuel pressure.

Why does your Oldsmobile stall after running for a little bit then starts back up after waiting for awhile just to stall again later?

I can start my car fine, drive it for awhile, then its like after it gets warm it seems to stall, and shut off, then after tryin to restart a few times that battery acts as if its dead. I will sit there and wait for about 20-30 minutes and it will start right up like nothing happened, just to do it all over again. Can you tell me what the problem is?