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Where ever the car is principally garaged.

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Where does Santa Claus stay?

Usually he stays at the North Pole, but sometimes he stays with friends and family, or stays at a hotel when he goes on vacation.

How do you apply for child support if the the father stays in another state?

Just file where you are at and give his address. They will handle it from there.

Luxury Vacation Homes?

When planning a trip, many travelers search for hotels in the area of their destination early in the process. It is easy to get in the hotel habit and overlook the luxury vacation homes that can be rented for travel stays. Luxury vacation homes are especially abundant in popular vacation areas and can often be rented for short-term stays.

Can I keep same federal tax id when relocation to another state?

Yes. Your Federal ID stays the same forever.

Why would you insert an oral airway?

If a person becomes unconscious, an airway may be used to insure that the airway stays open.

do your section 8 voucher increase when u move to another county?

No, it stays the same unless you decide to move to another state then you will have t o file to have it transfered.

When going on a vacation who should phone to say goodbye The person going on the vacation or the person who is not going?

The one who leaves, as the one who stays not necessarily knows you are going somewhere.

A DUI conviction stays on your record for?

forever. Unless you move to another state and get a new driver's license. Then you are starting with a clean slate. Your original state will always have that conviction on file though.

How does expansion and contraction of matter differ from a change in state of matter?

the matter always stays the same, expansion and contraction just means the matter is becoming more/less spread out from one another. A change in the state of matter is turning from solid-liquid-gas. The amount of matter always stays the same!

Where can you go for an affordable, but fun family vacation?

The best thing to do is choose a location near your home that you can drive the family car to and avoid overnight stays. Amusement parks are a good choice, as are natural wonders and state parks.

Can you insure another driver on your existing policy even though the other driver has a different address on their driver's license?

Yes, depending on the state & circumstances (for instance, if your son or daughter is military or college and is licensed to drive in the state where they live, but the car they drive is still registered "at home"). Having lived in several different states now and attempting to carry my mom (and my car that stays there with her) on my insurance, the best advice I can offer is to contact your agent and ask them.

What house does beyonce live in the most?

she lives in new york new york. the rest are just homes she stays in for vacation.

How can someone join the Marriott Vacation Club?

Marriott Vacation Club in a timeshare group that offers "Marriott Rewards" that can buy you a variety of vacation opportunities, such as cruises, hotel stays, airfare, and other vacation packages. You must pay a fee in order to join and sign a legally-binding contract that assures that you will pay your dues throughout your membership.

Another word for an evergreen tree?

A tree that always stays green!!!!

Why do there eyes get cloudy?

if your fish stays down low its caused by another fish if your fish stays up high its caused by the bacteria in the tank.

Will there be another season of project runway?

As long as Tim Gunn stays FABULOUS

What is the state called when water is 50 degrees Fahrenheit?

The state of water stays the same, it is still water but in liquid form.

I have a US Passport can I go oversea and come back to United State after 2 years or need to do some document with State of Deparment ?

For extended stays you'll need to speak with the State Department. For some countries (Western Europe ones or Australia) it will be easier to do extended stays.

What never changes during a physical change?

I think it is State of matter Stays the same.

How does the united nations define a permanent migrant?

a person that moves to another country and stays there.

How long does formaldehyde stays in your body?

ask a smoker, that and another 200 poisons are in cigarettes

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