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Good news and BAD news. It WILL be discharged for him. It WONT be discharged for YOU. You will be expected to pay the WHOLE debt.

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Q: If your car was repossessed and your father co-signed for it and he is filing for bankruptcy will this be discharged?
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Where do you get the forms needed to file a claim to obtain your child support after the father placed it on his chapter 13 bankruptcy?

You don't need any forms - child support is not discharged in bankruptcy.

Does the father still owe back time child support if he files bankruptsy?

Yes - child support debts are not discharged in bankruptcy.

Will my kids father going into bankruptcy stop you from receiving child support?

Child support is not discharged in bankruptcy. However, there is sometimes a temporary hold on collecting any debt. And if the obligor has filed bankruptcy, it seems likely that he doesn't have money for child support.

Do you have to be a relative to cosign? father cosigned for me,but the bank told me that anybody could cosign..good luck to you.

Can my deceased father's car get repossessed?

If there is debt and the estate isn't paying for it, yes. The estate should make arrangements to resolve the issue. If they don't pay the loan, it can be repossessed.

If your father cosigned a car loan with you and you missed a payment does he have authority to take your car?

Well, if you are under 18, he can certainly take away your keys.

Your father died and you have student loans outstanding Can you be relieved of this debt?

Let me start by sending my condolences for the loss of your father. If the student loans were taken out by your father as PLUS loans, then the loans will be forgiven by the government. If you took out the student loans under your SS#, then you still have to pay on the loans, even if your father cosigned on them.

My dad cosigned for my husband 2 yrs ago on an auto loan Husband abandoned family and is not making payments as his wife can I take possession of the vehicle so my dads credit is not ruined and i pay?

No, but your father can, and then he can turn the vehicle over to you for you to register. If your father is not able to take possession of the vehicle, it would be best for him to contact the lender and provide any location information of the vehicle. Notify the lender that in the event it is repossessed that he has the desire to redeem it, but you will likely need to bring the balance current.

After declaring bankruptcy my father died and left me half his estate will I lose it?

If your father was involved in a bankruptcy proceeding at the time of his death his assets are encumbered by the proceeding. The bankruptcy proceeding would affect the title to his property until it is resolved. His estate would need to be probated in order for the title to his property to pass to you. When an estate is probated the creditors must be paid first before any distribution to heirs can be made. You should contact your father's bankruptcy lawyer or his trustee in bankruptcy to notify them of his death and to determine what your options are. If that's not possible you should seek the advice of a probate attorney.

DID Bjorn Ulvaeus parents ever face bankruptcy?

When Bjorn was six his father's shipyard was bankrupted.

Sentence with the word bankruptcy?

Example sentence - Her father tried to advise her on numerous occasions she would have to file for bankruptcy and loose everything because she was living well beyond her means.

If the child support is retro does it matter if the father file for bankrupt?

Child support debt cannot be charged off in a bankruptcy.

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