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Call the lender first thing in the morning and make the arrangments to payoff.

2015-07-15 19:13:47
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Can you reclaim your vehicle after it has been repossessed if you are willing to pay the full balance in Michigan your car was repossessed 2 days ago and Toyota financial is saying that they must auct?

technically, you have 20 business days to pay the balance owed plus all fees that were incurred during repossession.

My car got repossessed by title max and i need help getting it back because i dont have any money?

You need a find a friend or a family member willing to help you.

If you are a cosigner for someone to buy a car the car is reposses you are willing to pay the balance oon the car, but the finance company refuses to release the bill of sell and the balance left on the loan. I am willing to pay the balance what do I do ?

You should speak with the manager of the finance company and explain that you are willing to pay the car off and keep your credit in good standing.

Is there anyway to reduce the deficiency one your car has been repossessed?

You would have to negotiate that with the creditor. Many are willing to accept settlement agreements to have the deficiency paid off.

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What is the number to call for your car to be picked up because you can not make the payments?

You call the finance company who holds the contract. Depending how much you are behind, they may be willing to offer you a deferment (up to 2 months) where you can just pay the interest for 1 or 2 months to help get you caught up. Another option to a repo is to refinance the loan (again, it all depends on how far behind your are). Once a car is repossessed, it will be sold and if the sale does not cover your loan balance you will still be responsible for what is called a deficiency balance.

Can debt be divided if he's not willing to file bankruptcy?

In most cases no, on a joint debt if one party files bankruptcy and is discharged the other party is liable for the entire remaining balance. This makes filing bankruptcy little protection from foreclosure, repossession, and other actions credits would still be able to attempt on the other party.

Can you refinance a car loan after the car has been totaled and repossessed to get lower payments?

NO. You no longer have collateral to secure the loan. Unless you are willing to use real estate or another vehicle that is fully paid off and owned for security.

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Is it extremely difficult to get another car if you've had your car repossessed?

Anon, It depends on how much you put as down payment and how HIGH an interest rate you are willing to pay. There are SUB PRIME lenders in every market waiting for you. Good Luck

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A co-signer is only obligated if you default on your payment(s). I can't think of why or how one could repossess the car otherwise. If however, you default, the co-signer will be obligated to the original creditor. Then the con-signer can sue you for the amount that is owed on the vehicle or the vehicle if they are willing to keep up the payments. They have to follow due process, which means filing a suit, serving summons, the hearing, getting a judgment, acting on the judgment and so on, and so on.

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