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WHEN your car was stolen or how many other cars you have bought doesnt really matter to the bank. You will pay the balance due on the contract one way or the other. good Luck

Having the car stolen doesn't matter. Loans are issued by banks--not insurance companies.

You are responsible for all loans to the penny. In your case, your only recourse is if you had comprehensive insurance...

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Q: If your car was stolen and you have already bought a new vehicle will you still owe on it if you report it to the bank?
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How can I get police to put out APB on my car?

An APB, more commonly called a BOLO, will be issued automatically when you report the vehicle stolen. If you have already done that, then there is nothing more you can, or need to, do. If the vehicle isn't stolen (or of interest), an APB will not be issued.

Can a reposessor report a car stolen if he does not have it in his possession?

If it is really stolen by someone and not simply in possession of the lendee. The owner of the vehicle is the only one who can report a vehicle stolen, not the lender. But if the car is taken to the tow companys and yard and is now "missing" then the tow company can report the missing car since they had it in their possession. The first place the police will come to though is your house. The police will not come to your house it is a civil matter.The tow company cannot report the vehicle stolen it is not their vehicle to report stolen.

Can you hide your car from the repo man?

He will report it as a stolen vehicle.

Will a vehicle history report show if a car has been stolen?

Yes, that will appear on the report.

Can a spouse report a vehicle stolen by a an unknown if they are not on pink?

Yes, of course.

How do you report a vehicle stolen?

You call you local non-emergency number. Police if you live in the city limits, County Sherrif if you live in a rural area. The Dispatcher will direct your call, Just say " I want to report a stolen vehicle. Repos are NOT stolen.

How long do I have to report a stolen vehicle in GA?

You should report it as soon as you know your car was stolen. There is no statute of limitation to report a theft. However, a delay would cast doubt on the veracity of your story.

Can a lender report a vechicle stolen while trying to repossess in the state of Florida?

In the event that the possessor of the vehicle is not a contracted party, or if the contracted party is actively seeking to hinder repossession, then yes, the lender can report the vehicle stolen.

Can a person who holds title to a vehicle have it repossessed from someone driving it as a loaner?

Report it stolen.

Can a spouse in the middle of a divorce report a vehicle stolen if it's not registered to them?

Yes, you can and should.

Can they report your car as stolen if they haven't succeeded in repossessing it?

rport it stolen?? Who will take the report?? Barney Fife??? NO, cause its NOT stolen. The 'stolen" line is a sure sign of a LAZY repoman. Or an uneducated repoman who believes everything they hear. How can you "steal" your own car? The lender CANNOT report the vehicle stolen. You, as the registered owner, are the only one who can make that report to the police.

is this vehicle stolen?

is this vehicle stolen?

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