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If the police can't find the car thief, your insurance will have to pay for it. If they CAN find the car thief and he/she has nothing, your insurance will STILL have to pay for it.

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Q: If your car was stolen from your home and hit someone's property who is in fault?
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Can you put a lien on someones home after that person died?

Yes, a lien can be applied to a piece of property.

If I have property stolen from a friends car should their home owners cover the loss or mine?

Neither homeowner's insurance will probably cover property stolen from a car. Homeowner's insurance usually only covers stuff stolen from your home. However, the automobile insurance policy might cover it.

Does home insurance cover stolen property?

i assume here you are talking about personal property? that is stolen? most do have personal property coverage, however there are strictly ''dwelling policys'' that cover that only the dwelling.......also there are some policys that cover personal property but not for the 'peril' of theft.....

How do you remove someones mobile home from your property?

If they haven't paid rent in 3 months, you are entitled to have it towed away

Will home owners Insurance cover tools in a vehicle that was stolen?

Yes under personal property/contents

Does homeowners insurance cover guest items stolen from your home?

No, Your home insurance policy is specific to the named insured(s) property and contents if covered.

What were the facts in the case of Rex v Amkeyo?

The defendant was charged and convicted for being in pocession of stolen property. His conviction was effected based on his wife's evidence as she claimed that she saw him come home home with the said property and hide it.

How do you get someones address?

You follow them home.

If a visitor to my home falls and injures herself is she covered on my home owners insurance?

For minor injuries your policy includes no-fault medical payments for guests injured on your property.For more serious injuries, your policy provides liability coverage. Liability claims do require proof of fault.

Does home owners ins cover vandalism and theft of items in it on vehicle?

It depends on whether you have "off premises" property coverage on your policy and then what household items were stolen.

How can you place a lein on someones home?

how do you place a lein on some ones home

What is AF-CI?

Arc Fault Circuit Interuptor. It is a breaker designed to sense an electrical arc that may cause a fire. It then opens the circuit shutting off the power and hopefully saving someones home.

Who has ever stolen home plate?

Jackie Robinson and Jacoby Ellsbury are some examples of people that have stolen home.

Will your house contents insurance cover a visitors stolen motorcycle from your garden?

Ordinarily, no. Contents coverage is intended to cover the loss or damage to property kept within your home. The property is generally considered to be household furnishings and similar personalty.

How do you get the most money from insurance company after a home invasion?

Home Invasion and Homeowners InsuranceThat all depends. What did they steal? Is it covered under your homeowners Policy? If the stolen property is listed as covered under your homeowners Insurance then you should file a claim for the stolen property. If the door or window was kicked in or damaged then you can file a claim for cost of repairs.There is no coverage specific to a home invasion on your homeowners policy so there is no pay out for "home invasion" in and of itself.If you were injured firing the home invasion you will need to look to your medical insurance to cover the costs of related health care.

Is homeowner legally responsible for guest items stolen from your home at party?

It is and it isn't. It is because the homeowner was the one who invited people to the party, and if things gets stolen at their house it is their responsibilty, however it si the person who had the thing stolens fault. This is because they shouldn't have lef their belongings lying around.

How can the state take a nursing home patient property?

if a letter of afidavit was filed with the state for someones small estate and later you find out their were unknown mineral rights can the state still have rights to any royalties..

Will homeowners insurance cover a friends stolen laptop from my home?

Stolen Laptops and Home InsuranceNo, homeowners Insurance only covers theft of the Named Insured's property, not the property of others. Refer to the "Personal Property" coverage section of the policy.More sSome policies may allow a homeowner to elect coverage for the property of others while it is on the residence premises. If the laptop is the only item stolen, the policy deductible will apply.On theft claims, the company will be looking to see that a police report of the break-in has been filed. In addition, your friend's claims experience with his insurance company can be negatively affected resulting in increased premiums. The insurance company could non-renew his policy if he has several claims of this type.

How do you put a lien on someones home without going to court?

How do you place a lien on someone's home.

If a guest walks on the sidewalk leading to a home and falls off the sidewalk into a hole adjacent to that sidewalk and breaks their ankle is the homeowner liable?

Yes. When a person sustains an injury on residential property through no fault of their own the party that owns that property is responsible.

Will your homeowners policy replace stolen items?

They would have to be stolen from your home. Then you get the money and buy it yourself.

Does a stolen home plate count as an rbi?


Who has stolen home in a World Series?


When is the foreclosure home a property of the bank?

I have a mobile home on my property that the bank is foreclosing on. The property was not in with the bank loan. They had the locks changed on the mobile home but it has been over two months and they have not came and removed it from my property. What can be done to get them to remove this from my property.

Does an employer have a right to search an employee's home for stolen property?

Absolutely NOT! They may however call the police to accuse you and the police may enter with a search warrant if they choose, or the accuser may take you to court to sue you for the accusation and attempt to prove that you indeed have the property.