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You will only get the book value of the car at the time of the accident. It may not be enough to replace it, but that is how insurance works. If you have GAP insurance through your bank with your loan, then that insurance will cover the difference in replacing that particular make/model of car. This does not pay enough to replace the car. It will pay the remainder of your loan after the insurance settlement. You may still owe the bank your deductible amount.

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Q: If your car was totaled in an accident how do you go about getting total replacement value?
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What to do if Car totaled and no collision insurance?

If the accident was your fault you're out of luck. If you were hit by someone, their insurance will total your car and pay you for its actual cash value.

Had an accident just got into another one Does the insurance company calculate the damages from the first accident plus the damages on this second accident to figure if that car is Totaled?

No. A "totalled" car is one whose value is less than the total cost of the repair.

Who determines if a vehicle is totaled?

the insurance company- if the vehicle is damaged more then it is worth- it is considered a "total lose" you will get what the car is worth at the time of the accident-not the total value of the car-other pendings vary like full compensation insurance

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Fault in the accident is not a consideration. Normally the insurance company or the at fault driver is responsible only for repairing your vehicle and providing you with a rental car. While this may not be entirely fair, it is the system and you agreed to it when you chose to drive. Some states do have a provision that a vehicle must be totaled if the damage exceeds a certain percentage of the total value of the auto. YOur best resource is your insurance agent. lwpat

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states vary, kansas for instance, in a total loss incident, will pay the owner direct the sales tax....missouri issues a ''sales tax affidavit'' that is good for six months....and the amount is NOT for the ''replacement car'' but the acv (actual cash value) of the totaled vehicle.....

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