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If your certificate is lost can you get another one?

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yes. you can but it will take awhile

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How can you obtain kcse certificate when mine is lost?

I lost when we shift another house

How do you get TAG Heuer certificate 2009?

i lost my certificate of authenticity for my tag watch in a house fire, can i get another copy and at what cost?

How does one replace a lost birth certificate?

One can replace a lost birth certificate by calling their state department, and asking for the extension for vital records. Once you do that, just follow through the instructions and you'll get a birth certificate.

How to replace lost certificate trade test certificate?

i lost my tradetest certificate please can u help me by letting me know who i can contact regarding a replacement one or duplicate one as i need it urgently thank u Dennis maxwell

What is the date of issue on a birth certificate?

the date it was issued. If its the original copy of the certificate this is likely to be close to the date of birth but if the original was lost and another had to be ordered its the date when they sent the new one.

You have british citizenship but have lost your certificate where can you get a replacement?

I have british citizenship but I have lost my certificate where can get a replacement?

How do you get a free build a bear birth certificate?

Sorry this is not the real answer. I'm the one who asked the question. I used to have a birth certificate but I lost it. Is there any way to get another at the build a bear store? Without buying a new bear?

What if a customer lost a gift certificate?

ha ha you need to buy a new one

iv lost my cna certificate/paper card, how do i get a new one ?

Contact the Kansas Secretary of State and explain that you have lost yor CNA certificate. They will be able to direct you through the process of obtaining a new card.

I lost my birth certificate what should i do?

I think you could report it to the police and order for a duplicate one.

You lost your diploma in mechanical certificate in tamilnadu how can you get diploma certificate?

welding mains

How do you get irda certificate back because i have lost it?

i have my registrition can i get my irda certificate?

How do you get a duplicate degree certificate from Madras University?

lost my degree certificate while travelling

I lost my buildabearville birth certificate if you have one for a bunny that would be nice does anyone have it?

na i loking thou

I lost my sslc certificate so how can you get duplicate mark sheet?

Contact the issuing agency for the certificate.

You lost your 10th and 12th certificate how to apply for duplicate?

while we shift our house the certificate missing.

How do you replace a lost certificate of deposit?

To replace a lost certificate of deposit: locate any of your bank statements showing your account details, then contact the bank that issued you with the certificate of deposit, then provide documentation to prove your identity, then pay the requested fee and wait for your certificate to be reissued.

When electrons are lost by one ion and lost by another ion it is called?

Do you mean gained by another ion? That could be an ionic bond.

How do you get a certificate of British citizenship?

If you were born in the UK, your birth certificate will confirm that you are British. If you have lost it, you can apply for a copy. It you are British by naturalisation, your certificate will prove it.

How do you replace a lost vehicle title for a deceased parent?

Go to the DMV with the death certificate and they will let you get another title for a certain amount of money. They charge in California 15 dollars for lost title replacement.

Can you get copies of lost exam certificates?

How do I get my hssc certificate

What do you do if you are a non citizen and have lost your birth certificate?

You can get a copy of your birth certificate from the registar of those records in the country where you were born. Depending on the country, you MAY be able to order one (and pay for it, they are not free) on the internet. My wife is a British subject, and when we needed a copy of her birth certificate, we were able to get one from the UK.

What happens when you lost your learner's permit?

Physically lost the permit, then just go to your local DMV and get another one. Lost it die to breaking the law, go to your local DMV, where they will give you an answer. They will probably give you another one.

What to do if you lost your Beyblade code card?

If you lost your beyblade code card you can only get another one if you buy another beyblade. There is no other way.

How do I get my lost ENGINEERING Degree certificate from University of Bombay?

Contact the University, they will check their records and issue a replacement certificate.