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The age of majority in NC is 18. But at 16 you can petition for emancipation.

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Can a 16 year old move out without an emancipation in North Carolina?

A child is the responsibility of their parents until they reach the age of majority. That is 18 in North Carolina. They can give permission to move out.

What is the legal age a child can babysit in North Carolina?

There is no legal age a child can babysit in North Carolina. It is whatever age the parents feel comfortable with them babysitting. 11-13 is an average age to begin babysitting.

What states had child labor laws in 1903?

North Carolina and South Carolina

First child born to English parents in America?

Virginia Dare was the first child born to English parents in America. She was part of the Roanoke Colony in North Carolina and was born in 1587.

What happens to a child when they call the police on their parents?

It depends on the reason for the call and the outcome of the police visit. If the child calls to report the parents for a crime, and the parents are arrested, the child will probably be placed with a family member or child services.

Were Alabama and North Carolina the first to enact child labor laws in 1903?

No. I think it was North Carolina and South Carolina

If a 16 year soon to be 17 year old runs away in North Carolina and takes their parents car what can the parents do?

Report the child as a runaway and the car as stolen.

Can a child leave home to live with the other parent at 16 in North Carolina?

Only with parental consent until he is 18yo. Who the child lives with is up to the parents or the court.

How old does a child have to be in North Carolina to make up their on mind if there no custudy papers is it true they can be 16 and their nothing there daddy can do i want him to come and live with m?

The legal age in North Carolina is 18. Until a child is emancipated or the age 18, the are in custody of their parents and have to listen and live with them.

Do you have to pay child support if your child goes to college in North Carolina?


If a 17-year-old has his own insurance in North Carolina will his parents' insurance premiums go up?

That depends on weather or not your 17 year old has their insurance on the parents policy. It will go up if the child is on the parents policy, but if the child has their own policy, it won't. But it will be cheaper if the child is added on to the parents policy. My husband is a North Carolina State Trooper so I know alot about insurance. Also, call around and go online for the cheapest rates.

What age can a child work in North Carolina?


Can a police officer take my child from my home?

If there is a CPS order to remove the child for his/her protection and if the parents are arrested for something the child can be taken in by CPS and the police.

After filing for child support in New York you move to North Carolina can her father refile in North Carolina?

Jurisdiction can be transferred

What is custody law in North Carolina?

"One common arrangement is joint legal custody, and one parent to have sole physical custody, while the other has visitation rights. North Carolina family courts decide child custody issues based on what it believes to be in the best interest of the child. "

Child support in North Carolina if child is confined?

Yes, to reimburse the State for its expenses.

What age can a child quit school in North Carolina?


Can a child refuse visitation with a parent in North Carolina?


Does the North Carolina state automatically end child support?

No they do not.

What is the age that child support stops in North Carolina?


Can a police officer remove a child from on parents home if the child state they do not want to go?

Yes they can.

Does a child in the state of North Carolina continue to receive child support when in college?

Many factors are taken into account in determining when child support payments will end. In some situations, it is as simple as the child reaching the age of majority. In others, payments may not end until the child has graduated from college if that arrangement was agreed upon by the parents in their separation agreement. You should review that issue with an attorney who specializes in family law in North Carolina.

What age can a child decide what parent they want to live with in the state of North Carolina?

In the state of North Carolina, a child must attain the age of 18 before the child is old enough to decide for him/her self which parent they wish to live with.

Virginia dare was the first white child of English parents to be born in America she was born in 1587 In which state was she born?

Present Day North Carolina and her pearents were looky

How do you divorce in South Carolina with child support?

South Carolina child support is calculated based on which parent has custody of the child and the relative salaries of the parents. In a divorce once custody is decided, then child support is just a standard calculation. For more South Carolina child support information and the South Carolina child support calculator, click on the link below.