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bad slave or master cylinder

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Q: If your clutch is feeling 'sticky' what could be wrong?
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Motorcycle jumps and dies when put in gear even with the clutch pulled in what could be wrong?

Your clutch needs adjusted or replaced.

Your Honda Prelude 1992 with a new clutch won't engage into gear what is your problem?

If it will go into gear when the engine is off but not when the engine is running, the clutch is not disengaging. It could be the clutch, possibly warped or put in wrong, or it could be the hydraulic clutch mechanism.

What could be wrong with the cruise control on your 1986 300zx?

Vacuum lines, clutch switches, ...

What is wrong if the clutch pedal will not engage so the gearshift will go in gear?

Could be a broken clutch fork, linkage, or cable depending on the setup.

When you take your foot off the clutch when in 1st gear or reverse your '92 Escort will not move what is wrong?

If it does this in all gears, I bet your clutch is shot. Other things that could cause problems are the Clutch master cylinder or clutch slave cylinder.

What would cause the truck not to shift properly?

There could be a number of reasons why your truck will not shift properly. There could be something wrong with your clutch or transmission.

What could be wrong if the air conditioner does not work but the heating system does?

Could be a blown fuse, low of refrigerant, defective A/C clutch, broken or slipping A/C belt, or as simple as the wires to the A/C clutch disconnected.

You were wondering what could be wrong with your 1996 Saturn sl2 you have a 5 speed manual transmission and it will go into every gear just fine accept first unless you slam it in of slip the clutch?

A warped or otherwise damaged clutch disk or a faulty clutch master or slave cylinder could be preventing the clutch from completely disengaging when you depress the clutch pedal.

What could be wrong with my1995 Camaro 5sp clutch went to the floor and it is stuck in neutral?

it might be the slave cylinder

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2000 Honda civic 5 speed shifts really hard don't go in gear half the time and clutch is really stiff cable clutch what could be wrong?

im thinking you need a new clutch.

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