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Without knowing what state you are in, advice is difficult. So, call a local attorney for state specific advice.

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What happens when the bank takes possession of a company?

If a bank is on the brink of taking possession of a company, chances are the company is in financial trouble. When the bank does take possession it usually means that the company has gone into foreclosure. They will then sell the property and the company owners will need to settle their financial issues.

What is a financial institution?

finance companyA company that makes loans to clients.

What is a mutual company?

a private company whose ownership is made of its clients or policyholders

Who is legally responsible for debt the holding company or the limited company?

I think clients and public who did business with company or with company products are directly responsible legally.

Can you Describe the legal obligations of a company when working with clients and the general public?

summarise the legal obligations of working with clients or general public

What is the meaning of alesco?

A Terrible List Company that steals their clients money!

How does advertisement help the advertising company?

If the advertising company doesn't Advertise now one will know they are there, So unless the advertising company Advertises They wont have any clients to Advertise. Exposure is the key. the more people that know about you, the more potential clients you will have.

How can you get a truck leasing company to report payments?

In order for a company to be able to report credit information, they must be a member & also have a certain number of clients (last time I checked it was over 250 clients).

Do modeling agency clients belong to the agency or to the provider of service?

In the modeling industry, clients do not belong to any type of company, service, provider, etc. They stand alone as a company, organization or sole proprietor.

What are patients and clients?

patients are individuals who are injured or in pain who need treatment by a physician. Clients are people who use the services of a professional service or company.

Where would I find a software tester job position?

Brickred.com is a great software testing company. This company has many clients big time clients and is responsible for beta testing and more software development. Also Google-e is a great company to work for

What does the company CITIC do?

CITIC is a Chinese investment company. The company manages financial investments. Its clients are international and its techniques are described as rigorous and scientific in implementation.

What is a wallet share?

The number, the percentage of products that your company is able to sell to their clients

Who do architects work with or for?

Architects work with their company or by themselves. They will have to work with their clients too.

Match the type of market structure with each example?

A. Pure competition Computer operating systems B.Near monopoly Fast food restaurants C. Monopolistic competition Online auctioning D. Oligopoly Car makers

What does the company Kontera Technologies offer?

Kontera Technologies is a company that primarily produces advertising solutions for it's clients. The main product of the company is called ContentLink.

When would a business operate corporate accounts?

Corporate accounts are used to provide special services for company clients. A business would operate corporate accounts to provide certain services to small, medium our large company clients.

How do you help the company?

The employer wants to know what ways you will have value to the company. This can be by keeping neat files, recruiting clients, or decreasing spending.

Who is the owner of accenture?

Accenture is a public limited company with clients in over 120 countries. A public limited company is owned by the shareholders.

Is Toco warranty a good company?

ToCo Warranty is a good insurance company, although it takes time to compensate some of their clients.

What is a retention team?

team that supports existing customers/clients for them to continue their services with the company

What is a rain man?

A character played by Dustin Hoffman. A person that brings customers and clients into a company, commonly used in the legal industry for someone that gets clients for the firm.

How do you start a title abstract company in NJ?

You need to get a job as a title searcher first if you are not familiar with the business. After you get some experience you can register you company and look for clients. Majority of clients are Title Agencies or Title Insurance Companies. Usually the quality of you work would be the best way to get new clients. But you really need to know what are you doing.

Can you use a webpage to advitise your company?

Yes. A website is one of the best ways to advertise your company. It allows for specific marketing to your potential clients.

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