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If your computer has a virus or viruses on it and then you buy an antivirus program will it take the virus or viruses off?


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Yes, just make sure you do a full scan

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Scan computer at once with antivirus program, and then remove the threat with the help of antivirus program.

a computer virus is a hacking software that you download on your computer anti-virus is the software that gets rid of viruses

A computer virus is a malicious self-replicating code designed to damage computers.Some viruses are just annoying while others can cause mayor damage. An Antivirus is a computer program designed to detect and remove viruses and other malicious software.Antivirus software protects the computer from viruses and other malware.

anti virus software is a program that tells you if you have a virus on your computer and can fix your problemsAntivirus or anti-virus software is used to prevent, detect, and remove malware, including but not limited to computer viruses, computer worms, trojan horses, spyware and adware.

a virus is a computer program designed to destroy other computer programs.

You computer will be at less risk from computer viruses if you run a virus checker/antivirus software..

The best way to stop computer viruses is to download an effective Antivirus/Internet Security program. It will block, stop, and clean virus upon scan.

Anti virus software and delete viruses from the computer but may not catch all spyware. you need a good anti spyware program and also a firewall.

Some examples of computer viruses are: Conficker, ILOVEYOU, MS Antivirus.

anti virus software will keep out viruses out.

The anti virus program you are using maybe be not trusted or just not good enough to protect the viruses your computer deals with. Try better ones.

To remove computer viruses, you can run a virus scan using antivirus software. This should find any viruses on your computer, and allow you to remove them.

Anti virus protection protects your computer from viruses and hackers. The anti virus will also tell you weither a website is safe or unsafe of viruses.

do not worry about anything if we have a good antivirus program then it cant affect our computer with a virus

A computer virus is a file that will corrupt your computer files and cause it to malfunction or not work at all. Files can be lost and destroyed by a computer virus. An antivirus is software that monitors your computer and scans files to ensure that they do not get infected by viruses.

Virus is also called as tracking of virus, nothing but providing antivirus program to set your PC free from viruses.

Get antivirus software. That will stop your computer from getting viruses

If you dont have a firewall, crackers can get to your computer. If there is no anti-virus, viruses get into your computer.

There are many ways to get rid of computer virus, such as antivirus, but most of the virus can escape the antivirus. So manual removal is the most effective way to remove the virus.

No. Antivirus companies know the risks involved when dealing with computer viruses and the potential dangers of viruses getting out in the wild. Antivirus companies do not hire people who've made viruses, and the whole concept of antivirus companies creating viruses is simply a myth, urban legend and conspiracy theory

Manually removing viruses without an antivirus program is a very risky path to take. Inexperienced users might accidentally cause more harm than good to their computer when trying to remove a virus themselves. Because viruses take root in a "host" file in order to reproduce, deleting the virus can also delete the host file. Just let your antivirus program take care of keeping your system virus free.

You can dated a virus with Your antivirus program Your firewall if it tried to connect out With an online virus scanner

a computer virus program like" Fire fox", will protect a computer against a virus.

Many programs that we download have viruses. If you have an anti-virus program, it will detect the virus when the program is open. To avoid the virus you should delete the virus program from your computer instantly.The best way to keep your computer virus free is by checking every program with your anti-virus before running it.You could also run two types of anti virus, or add an anti-spyware program.

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