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try to start it in safe mode by repeattedly tapping F8 while it boots up and you may be able to find the problem that way if it is a software issue but this will not help a hardware problem like a bad power suply or prossesor overheating will also cause instant shutdown to protect the chip.

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What does it mean when your competer reboots itself?

Guessing you mean computer: Rebooting is when a computer shuts itself down and then turns itself on Rebooting can be required after you install updates or download software.

When you are trying to play sims 3 it starts loading the neigborhood then shuts itself down why?

computer doesn't meet the requirements.

Does adobe flash player 10.1 mess up your computer?

Yes. Everytime I download it to my laptop with Vista my PC Shuts down to protect itself. What are my options?

Why does your computer go on emergency mode?

I'm guessing that if your computer is currently trying to hold a lot of data, or you pressed a button (I'm not sure which) it either goes into emergency mode, or it shuts down itself.

When the fan starts on your computer it shuts the computer off?

Only if you shut it off. :)

How do you prevent Windows X P from shutting itself down?

Generally when a computer shuts itself down it's considered a side effect of having something wrong with it. The most common occurance being a virus. It would be best to run a virus scanning program, or taking the computer into a Computer Repair Store.

When you turn off your computer and is downloading games on bit torrest does it stop working?

Absolutely ! The power-down function over-rides everything else. The computer will stop the download before it shuts itself down.

How do you shut off ipod?

It shuts off by itself if not used for a while.

How do you know if you have a computer virus?

you can know by:your computer shuts down by itselfSites keep opening realy fast by it selfyou keep getting annoying messagesyour computer gets really slowif you have a anti virus dececter it might find oneYOU SHOULD KEEP AN ANTIVIRUS DECTETOR e.x NOTRON .Your computer keeps restarting it selfIf you open a website it closes by itself

Can youstill use your computer if you have a virus on it?

Usually. If it shuts your computer down, then boot into safe mode.

What should you do when a Wii shuts off by itself?

Try Nintendo's troubleshooting guide.

Why dont you blink when you are sleeping?

Because your body basically shuts itself down.

Your computer shuts down while playing runescape and watching videos?


What occurs if a computer shuts down while seeding?

Computers do not "seed".

What should people do when you get a virus?

turn it off and go to a computer store to get it removed before it shuts down your computer

How can you fix a computer that turns off by itself?

Go into computer set up, or control panel and turn off auto shut down or automatic timeout. or, change the time to a longer time, so it only shuts down after say, 1 hour if not used.

1997 chrysler minivan starts and shuts down and some times the dash shuts down- could i need a new computer?

A failed computer is possible, It could also be the cluster, wiring, ignition switch, etc.

What virus shuts down computers?

Certain worms that get into your computer shut down your computer when the worm loads. One specific worm is the MSBLAST.exe and W32.Blaster... and also if you search on YouTube you can find people renaming files and creating a fake virus message which shuts down your computer.

Why does 1995 Chrysler lhs shuts off while driving?

Have engine computer tested

What should be done if the computer shuts down when unplugged from charging?

Check that battery is connected.

Why computer reboot itself?

If you get an error like a Security Warning and it makes you reset it with a countdown then it's probably a virus. Simply scan an AntiVirus and a Spyware program to fix this. If it just automatically shuts down then it's probably a problem with your computer getting overheated to fix this clean the dust out of your computer.. if you're not that familiar with the inside of a computer then I recommend taking this to a professional.

A customer calls and reports that her computer shuts down and reboots on its own What is one possible cause?

A computer that shuts down and reboots on its own often has an issue with the power supply. Replacing the power supply will often resolve the problem.

My 93 Legend shuts off on you when its in park The rpms rev up and down by itself then shuts off What could it be?

i would have the tps sensor or the mass air flow sensor those are usaully the symptoms for this

What would you need a computer help desk for?

Sometimes your computer shuts down or you get the blue screen of death and you don't know what to do because you are not a computer tech. In this instance you would need a computer help desk.

What is a screen called when it only displays white letters on a blue background?

A stop error, or a "blue screen of death", happens in windows when there is some sort of hardware problem. The computer automatically shuts itself off to prevent further damage.