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Take This To Civil Court, I Don`t Think So. Talk To Your County Attorney About This, Its Free And He`s On Your Side.

2006-08-23 11:59:56
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Can I file criminal charges against my contractor for taking my money and not paying his subcontractor who then filed a lien on my house?


How does a client get their money back if the business files for bankruptcy?

It depends on the chapter they filed and the financial state of the company, most likey not, that is why the filed for bankruptcy, they have no funds.

Being in a chapter 13 bankruptcy do you have to turn over money from an inheritance?

Should money from an inheritance be turned over in a chapter 13 case? the case was filed at least 12 months before the inheritance

A contractor has put a mechanics lien on your house the work is unfinished and there is no signed contract what are your options?

First, if the contractor is licensed, he can file a lien against your house under the doctrine of quantum meruit (Google it for more info). Although the work is unfinished, the contractor is nevertheless entitled to be compensated for the work he has done. However, you must now find a contractor to finish the job. You will then be entitled to the cost of finding the new contractor (if this has caused you money damages). Remember that (in WA) a lien will expire in 8 mos.--the contractor must sue you during this period or the lien expires. I suggest you simply find another contractor--if the original one sues over the lien, you should then counterclaim. In such a case, talk to a construction law attorney.

Hiring a landscape contractor is a waste of money.?

Hiring a landscape contractor is a waste of money.

My fiance filed chapter 11 bankruptcy and now we want to get married can the court trustee demand more money?

Make sure that it was a chapter 11 and not a chapter 7 or a chapter 13. Many times there are no trustees in a chapter 11 and chapter 11 is almost always a larger business bankruptcy.

How much money did An Unfinished Life gross worldwide?

An Unfinished Life grossed $18,535,575 worldwide.

Is a property owner liable for a mechanic's lien filed by a landscaping company when the contract was entered into by the renter without the owner's knowledge?

No. The contractor must sue the tenant for the money due.

What is the role of a contractor?

Hi, Contractor is a person that get work for some money.

How much money did An Unfinished Life gross domestically?

An Unfinished Life grossed $8,535,575 in the domestic market.

If your are waiting for a discharge of a chapter 7 can the court take your Governments stimilus package money that is coming?

Yes, just as they can take money from a tax return during the year you filed for bankruptcy.

Can you keep your ATV after filing chapter 13?

No, this is a luxury item and the trustee will feel like the money is better spent paying off other dept. I was unable to keep two atv's when I filed chapter 13.

If you filed chapter 7 and then received a settlement later on do you have to turn the money over to the trustee?

It depends. If the settlement was for a claim that you had before you filed, and you did not list the claim in your Schedule B, or you did not exempt it if you did list it, you might have to turn the money over to the trustee. Ask your lawyer or consult a local bankruptcy lawyer.

How does someone collect money owed from a person who has already filed chapter 13?

You should file a claim in his/her Chapter 13 case; you may or may not get your money back. If you don't file a claim, you're out of luck; he/she is protected by the automatic stay while in Chapter 13, and by the discharge afterwards. (If you think it's fraud, consult an attorney.)

Can a contractor lien the property and my vehicle?

Yes and no. The contractor can file a lien against your house for non-payment. Even if you honestly don't owe the contractor any money, he may still lien your house; he will eventually have to prove the lien's validity in court or it is automatically released. No lien can be filed against your car. However, if the contractor gets a judgment against you, that judgment may be executed against your car and home to secure payment.

If you rent a space and they sell items for you can you still get your profits if they have filed chapter 11?

Though laws vary state to state, generally the only way to recoup money from a person or business that has filed for bankruptcy is to sue them civilly. In the lawsuit, you would be considered one of their creditors to whom they still own money.

I filed a claim with my Home owners Insurance Texas-Farmers Insurance and I wish to do the work myself instead of a contractor to save money then how much does Farmers pay owners for hourly wages?

probably none.

You filed chapter 7 and they are still taking money from your check?

WHO is still taking money from your check? and, for WHAT purpose is the money being garnished? If it is for IRS liens, child support, or some other court ordered payment, those are not affected by bankruptcy filings.

Lien on property in which the debtor filed a Chapter 7 and listed the debt incorrect The lien is still valid but the title co and the lender refuse to acknowledge it How can you collect the money owed?


What happens when a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is voluntarily dismissed in Georgia?

The same thing that happens when a Chapter 13 is dismissed in any other state. It is as if the bankruptcy was never filed. The automatic stay is lifted and the trustee returns any money left on hand to you.

When a business owed money by a company that filed for bankruptcy the business will?

When a business owed money by a company that filed for bankruptcy the business will Get back very little of the owed money.

How do I get money back from contractor who didn't do job?

Getting the money back from a contractor that did not do the job will probably be a challenge in many cases. You can ask for the money back. If they wont give you the money back, you may have to file a civil suit in the courts.

If the person that filed chapter 13 owes you money can you send them a 1099 tax form?

For what? If any portion of the debt was dismissed already, then you MUST send a 1099-C. But if they filed, are on a plan, etc., the only 1099 you need tos end is the one you would have anyway.

Can you buy a car after chapter 13 dismissed?

Dismissed or completed? If it were dismissed, your credit report will show that you filed for bankruptcy. Obviously, if you filed bankruptcy your credit is not great. You certainly can buy a car for cash. Finding someone to lend you money; or getting a loan will be more difficult.

Can you get the money back that was garnished before you filed chapter 7?

Yes, but it must be listed correctly in your bankruptcy paperwork. It must be listed as both an asset and must be exempted for the trustee to return funds to you.