If your cousin is in an abusive relationship how can you get her to stand up for herself or get out you of the relationship?

Don't think of your cousin as weak, for she isn't. It's far more complicated as you know and the justice system hardly protects women at the best of times. Unless she has come to grips in herself that she needs to get away from her abuser there is nothing you can do. It's like an alcoholic admitting they are one before they can receive help. If she has been thinking of ways to get away from her abuser, there are "Abused Women's Centers" in your town. Phone these Centers and get some information and pamphlets from them and when you are alone with your cousin let her read them and see if she is interested. If she isn't then back-off. She just isn't ready. I know you can hardly believe she is putting up with type of life, but the abuser has the victim so confused they don't know if they are coming or going. The abuser also does a good job of taking the victim's self confidence away and that is what is lacking in your cousin. There could also be physical threats and some abusers will even threaten to harm the family of the abused. Go on www.google.com TYPE IN: Abused Women Learn about it and just see how difficult it is for your cousin before you go barging in and adding more fuel to the fire. You are a good cousin, and I would be concerned too, but learn about it, talk to your cousin when her abuser is not around and go from there. If she doesn't want the help then walk away. Good luck Marcy