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Your BK will be on record for several years. If the car loan was on the BK (7), then your obligation is done. You may need a reaffirmation agreement with the bank if you are going to keep and pay off the car. Any lates will show on your account with the bank for the next 12 months, as will the repo notice. The best thing is to pay every obligation on time to help improve your rating.

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Can you sue someone who filed bankruptcy?

I assume that the debt or cause of action against the debtor already existed at the time the debtor filed for bankruptcy relief. The filing of an order for bankruptcy stops most other pending lawsuits against the debtor dead in their tracks until the bankruptcy case has been finally resolved.Can you sue them for filing bankruptcy, or for receiving bankruptcy protection, causing you to receive less, or nothing? No. They are legally entitled to file for bankruptcy protection if they qualify. Debts discharged by bankruptcy courts are wiped out forever by law.However, if a debt was voluntarily reaffirmed by the debtor after being discharged in bankruptcy, and proper payment was not continued according to the new agreement between the debtor and creditor, the creditor can sue on the new terms of the debt as reaffirmed.But any dischargeable debt that was listed on the debtor's petition for bankruptcy cannot be touched unless the interested party meets them in court the day of the hearing, and files an objection with some kind of grounds showing that discharge of the debt would be unfair (for example, the debtor had defrauded the creditor). Even then, the judge's decision is final.And certain types of debts are never discharged, even if the debtor has gotten bankruptcy relief for his other debts. Student loans and taxes are two examples of debts that will not be discharged in bankruptcy. The debtor remains fully liable for such debts.

You did not reafirm your mortgage after filing chapter 7 how do you keep your house?

You had to sign and file a "statement of Intention" indicating if you were surrendering the house or reaffirming the debt. If the mortgage company did not send you a reaffirmation agreement, or your lawyer did not prepare one, you should still be able to keep the house, assuming you have continued to make the mortgage payments. If you did not, and are seriously in arrears, you will have to see if a chapter 13 is possible. See a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer.

If you haven't paid your lawyer in full have you filed bankruptcy yet?

The payment of your lawyer isn't really related. However, if your agreement was that he would file only when you paid his bill, or whatever amount was required to be paid before he continued working, most lawyers will adhere to those terms.

What republic has experienced a broken peace agreement with Russia and involved in continued fighting is?

I believe it is Georgia?

Can i claim bankruptcy on my car loan if I'm not behind on payments?

Bankruptcy is not claimed on individual loans, a bankruptcy involves all your debt. The fact that you are current on your car loan may make it easier for you to negotiate with the lender for the continued ability to pay for your car but it doesn't mean that you get to have it for free. The same is true of a home loan.

If your truck was included in your bankruptcy but it was not reaffirmed however you continued paying on it but you don't want it anymore can you just take it to your creditor and leave it?

If you quit making payments your creditor will reprocess it, the same thing will happen if you just take back to them yourself. Anyway you do this it will show on your credit report. The best thing would be to try and sell it or get someone to take over the payments. You can call the creditor and tell them you do not want it. As long as it was incldued in your bankruptcy and not reaffirmed they must take it back. It can only be marked on your credit report as discharged through bankruptcy not taken as a repo. I did this with my car. Yes, you can do that. You will have to pay a dime. It wll be listed as backruptcy, not a repo.

Can the petitioner in an open chapter 7 continue to pay debts that are not dischargeable in the bankruptcy?

I went through this same process and I continued to pay my mortgage while we waited on all the other items to be discharged. This helped keep my mortgage in good standing for when the discharge was complete. As for other bills, we went ahead and had them all discharged to eliminate all debt, except the mortgage. * Yes, if it is a secured debt the petitioner can continue to make payments. Unsecured debts, (credit cards, personal loans, judgments, etc.) should not be paid as it would give the appearance that the debtor is "favoring" a creditor.

What happens to the stuff on Chex system when you file bankruptcy before the 5 years is up?

Generally, nothing happens to the Chex Systems report when you file bankruptcy. In other words, while debts are discharged by the bankruptcy, this doesn't mean banks have to stop telling each other (via Chex Systems or any other bad check reporting service) that you wrote bad checks. Most people I have seen who were in Chex Systems continued to be in Chex Systems even after filing bankruptcy. Please note that nothing in this posting or in any other posting constitutes legal advice; this is simply my understanding of the facts and law, which I do not warrant, and I am not suggesting any course of action or inaction to any person. Speak to a lawyer for specific advice. If you have any questions, please refer to a lawyer in your jurisdiction. Thanks!

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Can your employment contract be declared void as you signed it when you were 16?

You can void the contract as long as you are still under 18. If you have continued to work after becoming an adult, you have opted to accept the agreement.

Open invoices company who owes money files bankruptcy?

They become claims in the BK, to be settled there. No collection actions may be continued. You can decide if you want to extend any "new" credit" or insist on COD.

Does a bankruptcy affect your general contractors license?

if you are asking this queston, you should noy have a license That is a very stupid response. Many general contractors - especially in Florida have had to declare personal bankruptcy due to economic conditions beyond their control. If you file personally it cannot legally affect the renewal or continued current status of your license. Hope this helps.

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If your bankruptcy was dismissed due to failure to pay installments on time can you motion to reopen the same case even if the creditors continued to charge interestlate fees past the dismissal date?

You will need to file a new Chapter 13 bankruptcy, propose a new Chapter 13 repayment palnt and demonstrated to the Court's satisfaction that you have the ability to pay the plan payments.

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If you have leased a home for 8 years can the landlord evict you or do they foreclose?

Did you sighn or have an option to buy contract, if you just rented that's all you did is just rent and they will evict you if you had an potion to buy contract you need to consult a lawyer to help you save you insvetment, HOPE I HELPED Evict. You don't really have claim to the house, only a right to a continued rental agreement if you meet the obligations of the agreement.

Is there anything that can help with bankruptcy after filing seven years ago?

By now, if you have handled your credit and bills well...the BK while still on your report, should make no difference. If you continued having late payments and such...the BK isn't your problem...your just a bad credit risk