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There is a Statute of Limitations and you can find this out on www.Google.com Type in: "What is the Statute of Limitations regarding a parent not seeing their children?" If your child is old enough to understand then it should be the child's right to decide if they want to see that parent. The only reason for "leaving well enough alone" is if the father is an alcoholic, drug abuser, was a sexual abuser or mentally abusive. If he just cheated on you or you parted ways because you fell out of love then that's no reason to keep the father from the child. If you consider the above, then I would meet with the father of your daughter first to find out how long they plan on being part of that child's life. If they haven't changed or have an "attitude" then it's best to leave well enough alone. If this child is still fairly young you should start proceedings to get full custody should you feel the father could make further demands. Marcy

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