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It is my understanding that in most states an insurance policy is issued to the name which appears on the vehicle's registration.

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2007-04-01 22:41:07
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Q: If your daughter bought a car and put it in her name and she lives with you can you add the car to your insurance?
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You bought your daughter a cartook it out of her name had in your name because insurance was cheaper now she pays insurance in her namedoes she pay taxes?

Whose name is on the title? That person owes any taxes on the car.

I bought a 2007 impala for my daughter in my name. I never drive the car. I want insurance on the car in my daughter's name.?

Contact your agent or policy services dept for the insurance company you have, they will be able to help you if the vehicle is in your name your daughter can be listed as the principle driver, you will likely be on the policy as the owner of course, there shouldn't be any problems.

If you bought a car for your daughter in your name and the payments and insurance are taken out of your account do they have the right to pick it up?

As long as the contract is NOT in default, NO. Read the contract. Payments current, ins. current, no other defaults?

Can a person take out life insurance on their sick daughter?

you can if your daughter is younger than 18 years. but they cant sell you an insurance if it is not under your name. you have to be able to have someone to insure.

If my name only as the owner is on a car but my daughter who has her own insurance on the car was in an accident could you be legally responsible?

No. Car insurance is insurance on the car not insurance on the driver.

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From 1967 to 1970

If your daughter lives in your house for two years rent free and you have paid the insurance and taxes does she have the right to claim the house?

If your name is on the deed, it is your house. A judge's decision should go in your favour if you have paid the insurance and taxes because she has no real claim to owning the property.

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If my 18 year old daughter has an accident and the car and insurance are in her name do you as her parent have any liability?

No you are not liable as your daughter is the owner and named insured

Your daughter recently had her license restored from a ninety day suspension There are points against her record She will not have a vehicle in her name What is your responsiblity with Insurance Co?

if she lives with you, they require you to tell them. if you don't, and she has an accident and/ or they find out, even if its not her fault, they can drop you.

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