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The dryer may be heating more than you think. Has the vent pipe ever been cleaned out? I had to have mine cleaned by a chimney sweep last week and it now works like it used to. There also is a great danger (that I never thought of) in the vent being clogged. It could possibly catch fire and spread to the rest of the structure. Your heating coil may also be damaged from time and be on it's way out. They are easy to replace and fairly priced. fIRST THING i WOULD DO IS FIND OUT IF YOU ARE GETTING 240V TO DRYER A LOT OF TIMES THE HEAT SIDE OF YOUR DRYER FUSES BLOWS AND THE DRYER WILL CONTINUE TO RUN . IF THE VOLTAGE IS THERE CUT POWER TO DRYER BY PULLING FUSES OR CLICKING CIRCUIT BREAKER TO OFF. yOU WILL HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO USE A VOLT/OHM METER TO CONTINUE. TAKE ONE WIRE OFF THE HEATER AND CHECK FOR CONTINUITY THROUGH THE HEATER IF NON REPLACE HEATER IF YES CHECK ALL THERMOSTATES FOR CONTINUITY TAK 1 WIRE OFF BEFORE TESTING IF ALL OF THESE CHECKS ARE OK YOU MIGHT BE GETTING IN OVER YOUR HEAD NOW BUT ON THE HAPPY SIDE 95% OF ALL HEAT CALLS FALL UNDER THESE FEW PARTS WITH A BLOWN FUSE AND BAD HEATER ACCOUNTING FOR MORE THAN HALF.

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Q: If your dryer is no longer heating enough to dry a load of clothes how do you troubleshoot this to repair it?
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