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they may find you employment, anywhere of similar distance from your home, similar to travel currently. The employment, MUST, be within your work restrictions. Employer is responsible to pay you at your workmans comp rate.

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Q: If your employer handles their own workmens comp benefits is it legal for your case manager to require you to work at a non-profit organization while your injury heals?
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Can your employer lay you off if you are on workmens compensation?


Do you lose your right to sue if you collect workmens compensation?

If your employer offers WC benefits and you qualify for them, you can never sue for your injury. You never had a "right" to sue.

Can you still receive workmens comp after quiting?

It depends on the policy of your employer...I believe.

Can you get workmens compensation if you were fired and getting unemployment benefits?


Does workmens comp have the right to refuse benefits?

They do, if it is suspected (or proven) that the injuries you are claiming are not job related, or if your employer was not a part of the contributing pool of employers. If you disagree there are built-in appeal mechanisms to the initial decision.

What is workmens comp?

A insurance provided by employers for injured employees. There is a provision in Texas law whereby an employer may elect not to purchase workmens' comp insurance. About 33% of Texas employers do not have WC insurance.

If an employee dies on the job is this covered under Workmens Compensation?

It would depend on the cause of death. If the employer is at fault then yes.

Do you have to pay taxes on workmens comp checks?

no you don't these taxes have already been taken care of by the employer you are not responsible for said same

Can you sue your employer even if you are getting paid workmens compensation?

You can try. Only a lawyer who had heard your case could tell you if you had a case but you have the right to retain a lawyer if you feel that the employer has acted incorrectly.

If you are on workmens compensation do you have to take harassment from your employer on a weekly basis about when you will be able to go back to your job?

Harassment? If your employer if asking when you can go back to work, that's not really harassment. If your employer wants to see proof that you are out due to medical reasons, that's not harassment.

If your employer does not carry Workmens Comp can you get your own individual policy?

In most states the employer MUST carry Workmens Comp. It's the law. Check with your local wage and hour or whatever it's called in your state. Workmens Comp protects employees while on the job and pays for the medical costs when an accident occurs while at work. On the other hand, if you're talking about health insurance, employers are not required to carry medical policies for employees but many employers do because it is a good way to keep valuable employees from seeking other employment.

Employer misclassified you so he did not have to pay workmens comp can i sue?

I'm bot 100% sure but you probably can, people sue for everything but this would probably be an accepted court case.

Do you need to pay benefits when on workmens comp?

You should be treated like any other employee when on WC. If others do, you do. If not, I don't know why you would be singled out.

Do you keep your health insurance while on workmens compensation?

Yes, the insurance is kept but you must pay the full amount your employer paid. If not Cobra insurance will be offered at a very expensive rate.

Can you get workmens compensation if you quit?


Can an employee collect pay and worker's comp benefits at the same time?

NO you can not lose your pay. If you are back to work light duty and need to see the work comp doctor or therapy then you receive your pay and work comp * If you are out of work due to an injury you WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR REGULAR PAYCHECK from your employer. In a nut shell; you go to work, your employer pays you. If you cannot go to work due to a workmens comp claim you will have to file for comp from the State or the insurer. In the State of Nevada you only receive about 45 cents on the dollar compaired to what you would receive had you worked for your employer. * WCI benefits are paid to a worker when the person cannot perform the duties attributed to his or her job. The employee CANNOT receive regular pay and WCI benefits at the same time.

Where do you file for workman's compensation?

The Workmens Compensation claim is customarily opened by those in charge of administrating the policy at the place where you work. This may be "The Boss", a Benefits Coordinator, a Supervisor, or someone in the H.R. office. The beginning of your claim starts with an accident report, and is followed by a report by those commissioned with the duty to do an investigation at the jobsite, usually an "Accident Investigation Team" or similar entity. This constitutes the "opening" of your claim. Note: Your Employer is required to post certain fact sheets in public places where they can be seen, by law; and, Workmens Comp. information is included in this type of posting, along with what concerns discrimination, EEOP, and so forth. The Employer is NOT required to lead you by the hand through anything. This leaves the door open for unscrupulous agents of the employer to deliberately keep their "helpfulness" to a minimum in an unpublicized effort to minimize an employer's liabilities. If it is not mandatory for an employer's agent to tell you something which might help you in this process, and telling you might incur a perceived increase in liability upon the employer, then chances are that you won't hear it from them. If it is required by law that they tell you something, or that they proceed in a certain way to protect your rights, then such things are adhered to TO THE LETTER--- and NO further... It is important for you to DOCUMENT EVERYTHING, since what the employer documents is for their benefit and records-- not yours... An employer has three concentrations of focus when it comes to Workmens Compensation claims: 1) The Law 2) Liability 3) Your Welfare The order in which they are listed is the order in which they are prioritized. Workmens Compensation Insurance was put into effect to protect the worker. It needs to be understood that the entity from whom the worker is being protected is the employer; and, a small amount of wisdom is applicable in such a case: "Remember--- The 'Friend' to whom you speak may not be your Friend at all..."

What are the Problems in Enforcing Workmen's Compensation Act?

what are the problems in enforcing workmens' compensation act? what are the problems in enforcing workmens' compensation act?

Are you entitled to workmens compensation if you are injured on the job site while on a break?

yes you are . * It depends on what activity caused the injury. If the person was engaging in irresponsible behavior he or she may not qualify for WCI benefits.

Can you still get workmens comp if you had drugs in your system?


Do you get paid for workmens comp doctor visits?


What happens if you have a workmens comp claim and the company files Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Your claim is most likely covered by a WC insurance, either a prvate policy the employer had or one with the State. As such, your claim should be unaffected by the Bankruptcy.

Does your employer have to file for workmens comp after they tell you to take time off because they dont have work for you?

Workers comp is a benefit associated with workplace inuries, not with lack of work. Employers never file for WC, injured employees do.

What happens to the person who gets caught of collecting workmens comp and doing work on the side?

you will lose your benefits and may have to pay back what they already provided. plus all the legal and collection fees

How do i detrmine what my workmens comp case pay out should be?

my lawyer said to me the workmens comp ins comp. said to give them a number for my pay out. how do i do this? i live in cali