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If your engine is marked 'use 5W30 oil only' could using 10W40 cause any engine problems?

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5W30 is a viscosity rating, In simple terms resistance to flow. 10W40 is a thicker oil in extreem winter climate you could experience hard stating.If you use a synthetic or partially sythetic oil you will be better off.

i tried it in my 95 Monte Carlo 99,000 miles.it triggered service engine light to come on.going tomorrow to put 5w30 back in it.

In newer model vehicles it is important to use the correct viscosity oil because the engine has been made to properly flow oil of a specified weight. I've seen heavier oil put in new vehicles by ignorrant techs. and the oil can not make its way to lubricate the valves and wears a good motor fast. If you hear ticking noises you better change with new oil qiuckly and hopes the motor runs smooth again.

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What type of engine oil is recommended for a 2001 Subaru Legacy 2.5 L?

10w40 in summer and 10w30 in winter. Any heavier oil will cause lifter noise. I have also found the engine on 10w40 will only tolotare about 1/2 quart of lucas oil.

Can motor oil put in transmission cause problems for engine?

no. This will cause problems in the transmition.

Can you replace a catalytic converter with a straight pipe on a 1998 dodge durango 5.9?

No. It is illegal, will cause a check engine light and running problems.No. It is illegal, will cause a check engine light and running problems.

Will lifters cause an engine to blow?

Honestly yes. it can cause major problems and all together it could cause your engine to blow. so id change them they arent that hard.

What could result if you used 4 stroke outboard oil in a 2 stroke outboard mix?

It could cause engine damage. We had somebody put 10W40 4 stroke oil in the injection oil tank of a 2 stroke sea doo pwc and it ran for less than an hour before there was significant engine damage. He is now forever known as Captain 10W40.

Can a incorrect engine timing cause a engine to rev up to 5000RPM?

Incorrect timing can cause several problems. One of which is high idling. 5000 rpm sounds high though, there may be other problems as well.

Can engine overheating cause ac problems?

Yes, If vehicle overheats it may cause freon (refrigerant) to blow out

What damage would be caused by not fixing the catalytic converter?

If the converter is partially clogged it can cause the engine to overheat which can cause serious problems. Other than that if will not harm the engine.

What would cause gaskets to blow on water pump?

The engine overheating, or a faulty gasket, or problems with hot spots in the engine.

What can car smoke cause does it affect health?

Carbon monoxide produced from the engine can cause health problems like death.

Could clogged catalytic converter cause transmission problems?

It can make the engine run so poorly that it seems like the transmission has problems.It can make the engine run so poorly that it seems like the transmission has problems.

Does a faulty camshaft mean you may have further engine problems?

Yes, it may mean deeper engine problems. A faulty camshaft could be either the cause of further problems or a symptom of further problems. Or, best case scenario, no further problems at all. Realistically, only a hands-on, eyes-on mechanic is going to be able to tell you if there likely to be deeper problems in your engine.

What problems can a bad fuel filter cause?

Hard starting and engine stalling. Eventually the filter will become completely clogged and the engine will not start.

What would cause bad vibration in engine of ford windstar?

If you have a "check engine" light on, start with having the codes read. A misfire code can tell you which cylinder or cylinders are having problems. A misfire could be the cause of your engine vibration.

Can anti- lock-brakes cause engine problems?

Not that I have heard of. The aggressive application of brakes in any instance may cause wires or hoses to come loose on the engine though.

What would cause a single cylinder missfire even after plugs coil pack injectors.?

Wiring and internal engine problems can cause misfires.

Can a loose battery cable cause transmission problems?

Yes, cause a reduction of power to the engine. It will result in a power-train malfunction error

Why does the engine management light come on and stay on?

Warning lights come on when there is a problem. An Engine management light comes on when there is a problem within the engine, that may cause problems later.

What will a bad ecu do to a Chevy S-10?

If its a fuel injected engine it will cause you many problems

What problems can a loose oil cap cause?

None, it might cause oil to spill on your engine or inside of your hood, or a dash light might come on.

Would a warp engine head cause a car not to start?

Probably not, although it could lead to other problems which would cause your car not to start.

What could cause frequent jerks and misfiring of my jeep liberty 2002?

Spark plugs, coil packs, injector, internal engine problems, etc.Spark plugs, coil packs, injector, internal engine problems, etc.

Can changing timing belt cause head gasket problems?

Replacing the timing belt on an Interference engine, and doing it wrong, can cause serious problems. Busted piston, bent valve, cracked head, are a few.

Would gunning the engine on a 1998 Toyota Camry cause the Check Engine light to come on?

Yes, it can cause check engine light to come on. Reasons are multiple - anything from air/vacuum leak, spark problems etc. to major failure.

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