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Thats a decision YOU have to make. Please consider the effects on your credit for each choice. Having to make that decision is a result of not considering it b4 you cosigned. Good Luck

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Q: If your estranged spouse files bankruptcy and you cosigned should you make payment arrangement file bankruptcy or wait for SOL to expire?
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Will bankruptcy payment be lowered when house payment is out of default?

Yes. in support with your bankruptcy lawyers experts.

You cosigned a loan and your daughter has not paid the payment for 10 months Can you take her to small claims court to sue her for non payment?

If you made the payment, yes.

Can you file bankruptcy even if someone else has cosigned with you?

Yes. You can file BK. The lender will then go after the co-signer for payment. In other words, the co-signer learns why the lender required a co-signer in the first place.

If you file a bankruptcy petition does that change the status of a debt on a judgment to the creditor?

A judgment is final and does not change. The creditor was awarded and filing bankruptcy is a different issue. Also state laws vary. A petition in bankruptcy lists the debtor's assets, liabilities, and debts so that a realistic arrangement for the payment of creditors can be devised.

Can you keep your house if bankruptcy is dismissed for non-payment?

That decision is made by the lender not the bankruptcy court.

What is a Arrangement for deferred payment for goods and services?


When should a stockholder receive payment if a company declares bankruptcy?

A stockholder should receive payment only after the claims of the creditors have been paid off if that company declares bankruptcy.

If you cosigned on a loan and they are constantly late on their payment can you take legal action and ask that she refinance the car?

Nope... You signed a binding contract.

Is a surviving spouse liable for payment of debt on a loan cosigned only by the deceased spouse in Kentucky?

No, Kentucky is not a community property state.

How can I re open dismissed bankruptcy due to lack of payment?

You can't.

Does a mortgage company have to accept a late payment during a bankruptcy if they receive it?


If you already have a payment arrangement with the IRS will they take your refund?

Yes, if you already have a payment arrangement with the IRS but have a refund due, they will take the refund. If you have a balance due, they will apply your tax refund to this balance.

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