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no hun sorry i think hes just ignoring you!

2006-08-26 05:03:11
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Q: If your ex-boyfriend says he wants to be friends but doesn't talk to you does he miss you or is he just playing hard to get?
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What can i do if my exboyfriend tells me he wants to be with you but is with someone else?

It depends on the type of person he is really.

Who wants to be friends with angle castalanos?

i do who doesnt? shes the best person ever!!!!!!!!!!!:D

Why doesnt Percy leave the bus when he has the chance The Lightning Thief?

He wants to help his friends

He says he wants to be friends but when we are together he can't stop touching me He says he is definitely attracted to me how do i really know it is over?

he wants to be friends w/ benefits, he doesnt want a relationship, he just wants to have sex

What does it mean when a girl and she dont call you back?

she probably is busy or is out with friends or she doesnt really like you she just wants to be friends.

He say he wants to be friends does this mean he wants a relationship?

by relationship he means friends. if he dumped you he feels bad and doesnt want to hurt your feelings so says can we be friends say yes and just be friends it may not have been meant to be

Does Hannah like Nick?

yes but he doesnt and he only wants to be friends with her i love nick Jonas

What if he does it mean when your boyfriend tells you that he wants to be friends with you and he doesn't want to be intimate with you?

he doesnt like you that way...

Are Rihanna and chris brown friends after that fight?

Rihanna wants to get back with chris, but chris doesnt. So um, theyre not friends.

When a guy says to come over but doesnt want sex?

it means that hes not intrested and just wants to be friends or he doesnt now how to express himself.

Will he be back after a bad break up?

Well yea! He will probley wants to be a friend. If he doesnt come back then that means he doesnt want to be friends. Good luck and take this advice. And also you can ask to be friends.

How do I tell my boyfriend I just want to be friends He told me this other guy likes me and I am starting to like him but he doesnt want me to dump him he was upset that this other boy likes me .?

Don't act so crazy about it! If your exboyfriend tells you that. Then probably he wants you to move on and If you like the other guy then spend time and be friends, and wait until he asks you out and starts to like you in any sort of way! :) ~Good Luck~

What does it mean when a girl just wants to be friends?

Get over her... she doesnt hate you and she would still hang out with you every now and then but she doesnt want to date you or have you obsessing over her

If a guy doesnt want to be with you anymore why cant he just say so?

He doesnt want to because he either wants to be friends or not have you melt down and go syco

Why would a guy who liked you for so long and is married want to mess around with his friends girl?

maybe he's just bored and wants something new or he just wants what he cant have.. but that doesnt mean he doesnt love you.

What do it mean if your ex boyfriend says lets be friends with benefits?

Is when he wants to kiss you and all that but doesnt want to go out with you

How can you tell if your exboyfriend wants you back when you hang out?

Instead of looking for signs how about you be the bigger person and actually ask.

How do you talk a guy into dating when he doesnt want the dating responsibilities as in feelings emotions drama and says its not that he doesnt want to date you he just doesnt want to date period?

If he says that it usually means he's not into. He just Wants to be friends or friends with benefits but he doesn't have the guts to tell you

He wants to hangout as friends I asked him if he wanted me or not and he said he wanted to hangout as friends was trying to work things out with his ex and missed me translation please?

He doesnt wanna be with you so get over it. he still wants his ex. your just the rebound

What does it mean if a guy says he wants to be close friends?

He knows you like him and he is just playing with you.

What does it mean when he wants your relationship to be private?

most likely he does not want his ex girlfriend to find out because he doesnt want it to be open to everyone because maybe one of his friends like you to he wont want to fall out with him ! he just wants a good relationship and doesnt mean this in a bad way he wants it to work.

How about a girl likes a boy and the boy knows but the girl doesnt know if he likes her and he smiled and how would he feel about her?

That he wants to be friends or just wants to talk. A smile is a invitation (: -kriss

Is she playing hard to get She said she liked me then when her and her boyfriend broke up I asked her out then she said no.?

I dont think she is playing hard to get. Its one of three things. 1. She is not completely over her exboyfriend and wants him back. 2. She likes you but not enough to go out with you. Or 3. She just wants to be single for awhile, its probably to early right now for her to jump into a new relationship.

What do you think if your ex boyfriend lies about having a girlfriend cause he doesnt want to be bothered but he still wants to be friends and texts you?

i think he generally wants to be friends with you however, if you still have feelings though ignore mom always says you can never be friends with an ex its too hard

Why is your brother mean to you when he has friends over?

Because he wants some privacy with his friends. If you want to be included when he has friends over and he doesnt want you to hang out with them, then leave them alone and maybe he wont be mean to you. Hope this helps :)