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Some guys are shy or just don't have the words to express themselves and the old adage "actions speak louder than words" is so true. If he treats you well and you have no complaints then be thankful. A person can tell you a thousand times in your relationship they love you, but they don't have the first idea of what love is. Still waters run deep!

2006-09-05 23:26:41
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Why cant he admit he loves you?

There can be two reasons for this. 1. He wishes you to be the one to approach (if he is a shy person). 2. He is not sure about his or your feelings.

I guess i still love you?

tell them you cant hide your feelings for a lifetime

Why you cant forget the person you love?

Because you still have feelings for this person!

Why cant you stop caring about him after he hurt you so much?

because that means you still have feelings for him.

What to say to your ex he just want to be friend but you still have feeling for him?

you say look hun im sorry but we cant be friend because i still have feelings for you and over time those feelings begin to want to share so no we cant be friends.

Can you fancy your cousin?

If you want but you cant really go out with him because that would be incest, but you can still have feelings about him

What does it mean when a boy likes you but he cant say it?

I just means he's a bit shy and slightly scared or embarressed to admit it. If you say you like him first, he'll show the same feelings back.

Does that mean a guy is not that into you if he's liked you for over a year and still is but doesn't ask you out?

The guy still likes you but he is just too shy to share his feelings. Maybe the personhe likes has a crush on someone else he cant share his feelings.

How do you get a girl that cant date back?

all you have to do is get deep into your feelings and tell her it dosent matter what you or anybody thinks i still like you.

What does it mean when your ex crush looks deep into your eyes while talking-seems as if he cant take his eyes of you?

he still has feelings for you

Pokemon does Ash love Dawn?

yes but he just cant admit it

Why does your girlfriend blame everything on you?

most girls cant admit that they were wrong

How can you prevent a herpes outbreak?

you cant. go to the doctor and just admit you did it.

What do you do when you dont want to like a girl but just cant stop thinking about her?

you cant do anything men, admit it your in love with her

What do you think of Breaking Dawn?

i admit it is kinda gory but its still great! best book ever i loved it it was kinda gory but i loved it and i cant find a picture of renesemay lillian

Why cant Nicki minaj admit she had plastic surgeries?

If she doesn't admit that then she probably wants to keep it private. Some things in celebrities' lives are personal.

What do you do if you think a guy cant admit he likes you because hes pentecostal and your not?

Ask him directly.

What do you do if your girlfriend had gone out with one of your friends?

that happens a lot. if your friend doesnt still like her and she doesnt still like him, its probably okay. if there's no hard feelings, then i dont see why you cant go out!!! -erin:)

Why he cant admit to me his ex girlfriend of 4 years about him seeing another girl We were broken up when he met her but he still tells me he loves me?

sometimes it can be crazy in relationships ask him y he still loves u and then ask about the other girl rock on

Can Jews cry?

no they cant there Jews they don't hav feelings

Why cant boys admit if they like you?

Because they want to feel powerful, and if a girl rejects them it bites a chunk out of that sense of power. Real men can admit they like girls though!!

What are the signs your exboyfriend still likes you?

he calls alot for no reason or tells you he was wanting to see how things are going and they keep you on the phone for a long time. and when you see them they cant take their eyes off of you - He talks about you to your friends and he looks over at you every once in a while when he knows your around. - He talks to you like your still going out. - He wonders where you are when your not where you usually are. - He talks to your friends just to be near you.

Can he still like you even though he has a girlfriend?

Definatley! Just because hes dating a gurl doesnt mean he cant have mixed feelings. Teenage years r confusing!

Why do you still like love a guy even after he complete rips you up inside?

U might have feelings for him are u love him so much u cant let him go.......

How can homosexuals overcome such feelings?

You cant, thats like asking a straight person to overcome feelings for the opposite sex. You should be proud of who you are :)