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I'm guessing you still have feelings for her. Unfortunately women aren't very predictable, so there isn't a great answer. Just try to go about your life and move on, even though it isn't easy. You have my symapthies, and rest assured you aren't the only one with this problem.

2006-08-22 04:21:39
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What should you do when your exboyfriend and boyfriend are friends but your ex has told you he still has feelings for you If you told your ex you don't have feelings for him should you tell your bf?

Quick answer...yes. Just put yourself in his shoes. If you and his exgirlfriend were best friends and she made advances on him, wouldn't you want to know?

What if your boyfriend wants to be friends with his exgirlfriend?

The past should stay in the past! Don't agree to it. They splitup for a reason and he met you so tell him to make his choice!

What should you do if your virtual boyfriend dumps you?

go out and get yourself a real boyfriend

How should you act around your boyfriend?

be yourself!

If your boyfriend as herpes how should you protect yourself?

Do not have sex with him!

How old should you to have a boyfriend?

you have to ask yourself that question. i was 11

Should you change yourself to keep your boyfriend?

DEFINETLY NOT! He should accept you just how you are! if he cant then perhaps its time to find a new boyfriend.

If your current boyfriend is still communicating with his exgirlfriend- whom he still has feelings for- can he move on?

He is a very unsure person. And you should be careful, as he can easily go back to the old girl for good.

How do you show your boyfriend that you really want to be with him?

Answer The fact that you are already with him should be enough. You shouldn't have to prove yourself to anyone especially a boyfriend.

What should you do if you just broke up with your boyfriend but miss him?

Massage yourself gently.

What should you do if your boyfriend likes your sister and yourself?

Tell him to pick which one he wants to be with.

What should you do when your boyfriend stop showing interest?

If your boyfriend stops showing interest in you you should do something to spice up the relationship, do something out of the ordinary surprise him && yourself!!!

Should he still be friends with exgirlfriend?

Yes, but now since all your friends should be mutual they won't be alone.

What should you do to make a guy be your boyfriend?

be yourself if he doesnt like you for who you are then he probably isn't right for you

Your boyfriend is occasionally texting his exgirlfriend although he tells you he loves you all the time and not her should you be worried?

i would say it depends how long he was with his ex, if it was a long time worry. however, if they were friends before they got into a relatiionship, i wouldn't worry

My boyfriend keeps pictures of his exgirlfriend and he is in this pictures too how shoul i take this?

You should ask him about this. Don't immediately tell him that he is wrong. ask him why, let him explain, if you don't believe him say... then delete them if there nothing. if he doesn't. maybe lead to breakup.

What to do if this guy tell you he likes you and now he back with his exgirlfriend what should you do you need help?

he sounds like a jerk to me........cause no boy should ever tell a girl they like her and then get back with his exgirlfriend. Don't worry about it. He just wanted a girl by his side so he could get his exgirlfriend jealous. One way or another, he still have feelings for his exgirlfriend. I don't mean for you to get upset or anything, but its just the truth and your better off without him................just walk past him in the hall with your pride and he'll know that he messed with the wrong girl ;)

How should I act in front of my boyfriend?

You should act normal and just be yourself because he loves you for who you are not someone you're trying to be!!

How does your boyfriend want you to dress?

I think that you should just be yourself and dress how you feel like your boyfriend would like. My boyfriend doesnt really care lol but dress how you feel like!

How do i get a boyfriend-?

It's not really about getting a boyfriend, its about when you find the right person who you are attracted to and they are attracted to you and you develop strong feelings for each other. That should be the reason you get a boyfriend. Just be yourself and they will love you for you

How much should you let your boyfriend try to change about yourself?

NOTHING (Unless you have any BAD habits). You are you and there is nobody who should change you.

Should you marry your boyfriend next year?

WikiAnswers is neither a Magic 8ball nor a Ouija Board. You should answer this question yourself.

How do you love someone to be your boyfriend?

You can't make yourself love someone. And you can't control it. You'll fall in love with who you fall in love with. If you don't love your boyfriend, but your trieng to make yourself love him, then STOP it because your boyfriend should be the boy you love!But if you have to let him down, then do it gently...

My boyfriend and i have the same birthday we have been together for 9 months and he didn't get me a anything what should i do?

get yourself something

How old should you be to have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

It depends on the person. Ask yourself that, then deside if that person is ready for a partner.