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Not if the debt is discharged in the bankruptcy.

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Can you keep your chequing account If you go bankkrupt?

Yes, if the bank holding the account allows it. When a person files for bankruptcy, depending on the type of bankruptcy you filed.

If you sue and get a judgment and then the other person files bankruptcy to keep from paying you will you be notified so you can object to it's inclusion in Bankruptcy court?

You should be.

In a joint account if one person files bankruptcy is the other liable?


What is liability of co-signer if the owner files bankruptcy and moves out of state?

unfortunately you will be stuck paying the bill.

Can the primary borrower continue paying car loan if co-signer files chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Has to

Can a cosigner acquire foreclosed business property after the borrower files bankruptcy?

You need to consult with an attorney. If you have not filed bankruptcy then you may be responsible for paying the mortgage you co-signed.You need to consult with an attorney. If you have not filed bankruptcy then you may be responsible for paying the mortgage you co-signed.You need to consult with an attorney. If you have not filed bankruptcy then you may be responsible for paying the mortgage you co-signed.You need to consult with an attorney. If you have not filed bankruptcy then you may be responsible for paying the mortgage you co-signed.

Can you collect unemployment when your own company files bankruptcy?

So long as your company has been paying unemplyment taxes to the state.

Can my husband's brother get out of paying us 48000.00 we loaned him if he files bankruptcy?

Possibly. It depends on the terms of the loan and the type of bankruptcy he files. You should meet with a lawyer to find out what, if anything, can be done to protect the loan. You may need to get a judgment and attach to property.

If one files bankruptcy and has a co-signer will if affect their credit rating?

If the account the cosigner is on is included in the bankruptcy it will appear on their credit report. In most cases the cosigner will not be relieved of the debt when the primary holder files for bankruptcy. The creditor(s) can then pursue the cosigner for the collection of money owed.

Joint account with your brother what happens if he files chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Joint accounts are included in an individual bankruptcy claim. Just how much of the value of the joint account is considered as your asset depends on history of the account, the type of account, and statutory details for certain types of assets / debts.

Can a person in who files bankruptcy get out of paying a court awarded judgment in Arizona?

Yes. Not if the judgment was for a case involving fraud. And the state doesn't make any difference, unless there is a state bankruptcy procedure that you are using.

What if happens if you cosigned for car loan and the borrower files for bankruptcy?

if the consigner files bankruptcy can the borrower take the car

If a pastor files for bankruptcy can the church fund be affected?

If the pastor files for personal bankruptcy, no - the church fund can't be touched. If he files bankruptcy ON BEHALF of the church, then any and all funds and assets of the church can be affected.

What if an authorized user files bankruptcy does it hurt the card holder?

No, because an AU is not legally responsible for repayment of the debt incurred on the account.

If you are an authorized user on a credit card and the holder files bankruptcy are you responsible for their balance?

No, authorized users are not responsible for debt incurred on such an account.

What happens if a co signer files bankruptcy?

They both go bankruptcy

What happens to a checking account with two signers when the funds are Social Security income belonging to the mother and the daughter files bankruptcy?

All Social Security Benefits are exempt from bankruptcy proceedings. If the daughter has no monies in the account then the account will not be a part of the BK. However if funds were commingled there could possibly be a problem with determining ownership amounts.

If someone files for bankruptcy can the Credit Card company take money out of your checking account to try and retrieve some of the debt after they were informed you were filing bankruptcy?

No, once a bankruptcy is filed an automatic "stay" is in place, and creditors cannot pursue any collection action. Even outside of bankruptcy, a creditor cannot arbitrarily garnish a debtor's bank account. The creditor needs to file and win a lawsuit, be granted a judgment and then enforce the judgment as a bank account garnishment.

What happens if car dealership files bankruptcy how do you pay for vehicle?

If a car dealership files for bankruptcy, someone will purchase the accounts receivable as part of the bankruptcy settlement. That person or company should contact you and tell you where to make payments.

Can you lose your house if your husband files for bankruptcy?


If owner files bankruptcy does tenant have to move?

Of course not.

What is a Do It Yourself Bankruptcy?

Do it yourself bankruptcy is when one files for bankruptcy themselves. There are many sites offering advice on this subject and books are available to buy from the internet.

If ex-wife owes half of IRS debt and now files bankruptcy is spouse liable to pay her portion?

If ex-wife owes half of IRS and now files for bankruptcy, spouse may be liable to pay his portion if the debt was is a joint account. Otherwise, spouse will not be held liable for any portion thereof.

You are looking for someone who filed for bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is filed in federal district court. You may want to start with their files.

Are you resposible for a loan if the person you cosign for files bankruptcy?

Of course.