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No. Don't change for him, he is making excuses to move on. He assumes you will not get to his level so he makes a statement like that knowing you probably won't go to college. If you did, then he would make up another excuse to not get back together. On a side note: go to college for yourself and further your education. Find a good guy who deserves you and will not tell you what you have to do to "win" his love.

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Q: If your ex broke up with you after 11 months but you are now just friends but he said if you were on a college level like him he would want you back should you get up to his level to get him back?
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Wikianswers is not for personal advice.

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It's called "having your cake and eating it too." I never believed in dated a guy steady and then breaking-up and remaining friends. I don't think it's possible because one or the other is going to get hurt. It's best to move on.

Help with your girlfriend?

I was dating my girldfriend for about 6 months. (I just graduated high school and she's going to be a senior in high school) I got her tickets to go to a concert, but a few days before, we broke up because she's worried about me going to college. She cried when she broke up with me and said she still wants to be best friends. She ended up going to the concert with me just as friends, but we ended up falling in love like never before. What do we do now? We absolutely love each other

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