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I'm inclined to agree with the other poster and feel this person could be playing games with you. However, I don't know your situation so if you feel there is something left of this relationship and you still want to go in that direction I suggest you meet for coffee and talk things out. If you want a relationship after that take it slow and easy, don't make yourself too available and make this person work for it. Don't make it easy for them to come back into your life. Also, if you are dating at the present time, still keep dating until you are convinced where this person is coming from.

He wants the excitement of a new relationship. Don't play this game.

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Did Ray J and Young Buck have a relationship?

No they really didnt they was just close friends.

Should you be upset that you didnt meet your partner parents in you been together for 1 year in a half?

yes, because if you didnt meet the other parents that show he or she is not looking forward to be with you for a long time you might be a fling. he or she is not really looking for a relationship, Or your not his or hers family type.

What were francisco coronados discoveries?

nothing he didnt really do anything! nothing he didnt really do anything!

How can Africans work together 2 overcome apartheid challenges?

They didnt really work together but they did provide moral support for each other, by songs and stories mainly

Did Leonardo have kids?

No, he had a special relationship with his students and he didnt have a wife.

Did Walt Disney get divorced?

no he didnt he had a good relationship with lillian

Where is the effort ribbon found?

i don't now how 1 of my Pokemon got it but i think they just have to be really good so im sorry if i didnt give you the best answer and i may find out sooner or later.

Did Coco Chanel have a relationship with her sister?

no she didnt. but she did date a nazi spy,

How did the Jews feel about the yellow star?

they really didnt like it and some didnt wear it on their arm

Did Columbus discover Asia?

No he really didnt

Does Selena Gomez like Miley Cyrus?

They have never really had a bond that 'clicked' . Selena starred in 2 episodes of Hannah Montana and they didnt really get along backstage. Selena, Demi, Miley and the JOBROS sung 'send it on' together to raise money, Selena didnt get a singing part but Miley did so there was a feud about that

You called him but he didnt know it was you and faked like another girl to see if he would cheat HE didn't Does he really love you?

Answer You're joking? He didn't recognize your voice? And what about your deductiion? He wouldn't cheat! How do you know that? And then, your question! Does he really love you? Go and call him and ask him to forgive you for your ruse. This is not the way to enter into a relationship. Honesty is a virtue, especially in trying to get together with another human being.

What kind of relationship does the aphid have with the plant?

so what is the answer because you guys didnt show me the answer

What relationship did bartholomeu have with the arazati tribe?

he didnt have anything,,he just visited and left,!

Who was Carl Wilson's guitar teacher?

Carl Wilson didnt really take lessons he and his neighbor David Marks learned together by listening to the stylings of Chuck Berry

Did liu Bei really existed?

no but your mama didnt

What does it mean when a guy breaks up with you because the relationship was too uncomfortable?

Probably what he says. It just didnt feel right. There could be multiple reasons, but only really he and yourself would know.

Do narcissists expect you to do everything?

yup. In my case, I was basically the only one doing the work in relationship. He never wanted to see me, he didnt take the effort, he never said goodbye, I ended up providing my own closure and goodbye by means of a letter. They are lazy.

What if your crush finds out you have a crush on him?

My crush found out, and honestly he didnt really care, he didnt like me, that was a sad day:(

Haw many times have Al Pacino and Robert De Niro acted together?

3 times: The Godfather Part II (1974) - They didnt really act together but they were both in it Heat (1995) Righteous Kill (2008)

If a guy you really like asked you out but your ex wants to get back together what should you do?

tell your ex the first time didnt work out and go out with the new guy and see if it works out

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