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If your ex is on the title of your vehicle but you have made all the payments and carry the insurance can they make you sell it?



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Can who make you sell it? If he filed bankruptcy and his name is on the title, you will need to go to court and show documentation that you are the only one that made the payments. Also, you will want to get his name off the title ASAP. * It is not relevant as to who makes the payments on the loan. The wording of the title determines ownership of a vehicle. If the title is jointly owned with the names separated by the word "or" the vehicle is considered owned separately by each named party and can be subject to a judgment creditor or bankruptcy action. If the names are separated by the word "and" the vehicle is jointly owned and in most instances cannot be partitioned. If it is a matter of bankruptcy, the vehicle exemption may or may not protect it from being seized by the trustee. If it concerns a repossession or attachment by another creditor and the person named on the title is the judgment debtor, the exemption also applies with the exception of the lender themselves.