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If your ex is with someone else why does he still call you and say he loves you?


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Some people like to have a "back up" girlfriend or boyfriend. I find that people like that are insecure and afraid of being alone so they keep someone on the side just in case it doesn't work out with the person they are dating. It could also be that this person loves keeping secrets. As I have gotten older, I have unfortunately met quite a few people who need to have a secret live away from their significant other. I don't know if it is the thrill of having a secret of a way of feeling powerful and dominant in their current relationship. Whatever the reason, the only thing that is a fact is that the person who is "on the side" is the one being taken advatage of. If someone cheats on their significant other with you, if you become their future significant other they will cheat on you too. If he really loved you, he would want to be with you completely and in public. This person does not know what real love is or they do not know how to love someone well. The person being betrayed and the one they are betraying with are both victims. Stop taking the calls!!

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Well then you shouldn't have married him if he loved someone else! If you just found out he loved someone else, then talk about it with him and if its true, ground him from being with this other woman/man. If he still loves that person, i guess ya gotta get a divorce, sorry :(

yes because why stay with someone who love some one else and rather stay with someone who loves you.

Answer If he is with someone else, that means he left you for her. Why in the world would you want him back, he's only going to do it to you again.

she loves someone else

Well hun, if he loves you, then why would he love someone else? Or why would he love you if he loves someone else? Just think, if he truly loves someone, he wouldn't love another person even if he shows it or not. So, he might be lying, sorry to say.

you go to her house. meet her , tell her he loves you and she needs to find someone else

if you do not know that your girlfriend loves you, you should try asking her if she love you or you should ask her if she likes someone else

Is it really known that he in fact loves someone else... Most times if someone is in a relationship its because they want to be and despite if there was a possibility of someone else they made their choice by staying where they are.

yes she might still love you if she was falling for someone else exspecially if you were her first love....most loves are hard to forget about even if your falling for someone else.

well if he is walking away from you and just doesnt answer when you ask him a question and he ignores you and he does this loads its clear that he has moved on and loves someone else :p =]

Forget about the love of someone else and start loving yourself!

she loves you but loves some one else as well? that's bs. that isn't love. not even close.

no. she loves someone else.

You dont have sex with him for a month or so and if he still stays with you either he loves you or is sleeping with someone else so he doesnt care.

Unfortunately you have to grin and bear it, move on and find someone, someone who loves you for what you are. That person is out there.

Get over that person or tell it how you feel.

Tell him you want to ask him something,ask him if you are friends,then,hell take it from there

taking her away from someone else she loves isn't a good idea you would seem like the bad person and she may get hurt!!

What that means is that she can't commit to you because someone else is on her mind. You can't really call her "your" girlfriend if she's going out with someone else behind your back. Move on. Find someone who will be a little more worthy of your affection. If the trust is gone, there isn't really much left in the relationship.

If you notice he doesn't call you all the time or if you're on a date he says I have to go I'll call you later, then probably he is with or likes someone else and is cheating on you. I'm sorry. Hope this helped

Because he is immature and thinks he can have you and anything else he wants. If you can't trust someone there is no basis for real love.

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